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Discovering your Guardian Angel with Meditation by Jenna Stone

Angels are considered by many to be messengers created to assist humans in their daily lives and to protect them from harm. Many times angels will appear in human form to assist those in need. Have you ever been driving and a “voice” or your intuition told you to take a different route only to later find out that there was an accident where you were heading? This is no coincidence—we are all connected to our guardian angels, even if we are unaware.


Meditation is one of the best ways to begin to discover and develop a bond with your angel and begin this beautiful, spiritual journey. Start by taking at least ten minutes each day to meditate. Light some incense— there are many angelic incenses on the market to aid you—or perhaps light a white candle which you may dedicate to your angel. Sit in a quiet, comfortable environment where you can ground and center yourself by taking some deep breaths and then let your body relax. If any thoughts come to you, acknowledge them and then let them float away. Meditate upon the candle flame and notice any changes in the flame. Once you are ready, ask your angel to come forth. Wait a few minutes to see if you sense any changes in the environment around you. The energy of the angels is very peaceful, yet powerful. Try to keep your mind quiet and listen for any messages from your angel. If at first you don’t sense or hear anything, don’t fret, as this takes practice and patience. You may ask questions of your angel, but be patient for the answer. You also may ask them to send you a sign.

It is best to do this meditation daily for a while, spending more time each day communing with your angel. After a while you should be able to clearly “hear” your angel. Once this happens you are well on your way to a magical journey of discovery and spiritual work with your guardian angel.

Jenna Stone is the owner & proprietress of Ambriel’s Song Metaphysical Shop & Holistic Healing Center. She has many years experience in communing with the angels and teaches angel workshops at her center, located at 815 Blooming Grove Turnpike, New Windsor. For more information, contact 597-9837 or visit

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