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Detoxifying Your Body for Better Health by Matthew Gines

Everyone should take charge of their own health and wellness maintenance. After all, who would take better care of you, than you? Everybody should have access to live a healthy, vibrant and meaningful life. However, in our modern society, that has become a significant challenge for many individuals. With all of the toxins and the stresses, we are all exposed to on a daily basis it is no wonder we are dealing with so many epidemics. Fortunately, people often can achieve balance by tapping into their body’s own healing capabilities. By utilizing holistic health modalities like Emotional Freedom Techniques and Raindrop Techniques with essential oils and pulsated electromagnetic frequency devices individuals can achieve mental, physical, spiritual and biochemical balance to allow for self-healing. Also, by learning about the impact of nutrition, people can understand how to use food as medicine and achieve a higher level of wellness through healthy lifestyle practices. If you take the bad out and put the good in, the body absolutely can heal itself, providing relief from toxins, stress and pain that create roadblocks for healing.

When the body is detoxified it can function as it was designed to and achieve balance and vigor. We simply must find ways to relieve the body of the toxic burden it is exposed to in today’s modern time. More and more individuals are experiencing symptoms like hormone imbalance, obesity, brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, low libido, lack of purpose and motivation, metabolic syndrome, sleep problems and more. These may be signs of toxicity which can be an underlying cause of many of the chronic diseases plaguing our society including sky-rocketing rates of cancer. Research has shown that endocrine disruptors like the ones commonly used in plastic bottles as well as synthetic hormones may lead to the progression of diabetes and obesity, two of our biggest health threats. We must adapt and realize that there are many threats to our health that exist now that simply were not present 100 years ago. By being educated about how you can tap into your body’s tremendous healing power and learn how to detoxify your body, you can take a very vital step forward to reclaiming your health.

The Breath of Life Holistic Wellness Center, located at 369 Fullerton Avenue in Newburgh, offers a variety of detox, de-stress and pain relief services as well as a full line of nutritional and herbal supplements that are affordable and effective. Coowners Tony Gines, a licensed spiritual healer and Matt Gines, a certified holistic nutritionist, along with their staff are dedicated to helping people achieve health and a higher level of well-being, working hard to ensure affordability and access to all. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact 562-4003 or or visit

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