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Deeper than Just the Body

“Stressed out? Overwhelmed? Trying to keep up with the world around and losing yourself in the race?” asks Abi Keene, owner of Abi Keene Bodywork. “Sounds like you can use some bodywork. A moment to pause, breathe and heal.”

Abi Keene Bodywork is a delicious concoction of Shiatsu Massage, craniosacral therapy, meditation and intuition, and can range from strong, deep tissue massage to subtle manipulations of energy in the body. Keene, a graduate of The Ohashi Institute (2002) and the Great River Craniosacral Therapy Institute (2012), says, “In the end, all those disciplines are a doorway through our body into our soul.”

Keene works from her peaceful home studio in Upper Nyack. Sessions are an hour long and are done with the receiver fully clothed. Each person is an individual and is treated as such. “I look around me and I see human beings stressed out. We worry about so many things but how much of this stress is actually needed for our survival in this modern jungle and how much is overkill? I think we all crave that place inside that is quieter and more whole. The place where, for a moment, we can lay down our sword and armor,” says Keene.

For Keene, the exchange that happens during a session is like a meditation. “It’s an opportunity for both giver and receiver to shed the stress of modern life and find the space inside that is more relaxed, receptive and quiet. It’s the place where healing can begin,” she adds.

Location: Upper Nyack. To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact 917-841-7142 or or visit or Facebook at Abi Keene Bodywork. 

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