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Couples Helping Couples

Liz Carl, LCSW and Barry Carl, CCEP, EMM are Exceptional Marriage Mentors. As Liz Carl states, “We work as a couple helping couples. There is a natural balance in this configuration that lets both partners be seen, heard and represented. We believe in this style of relationship counseling because we have seen it work over and over again for couples in all stages of relationship.”

According to the pair, this model is becoming more common as its success grows and the word spreads. As of this moment, Exceptional Marriage Mentoring is being taught and practiced in the U.S., Mexico, Holland, Germany and Canada.

“If you are unmarried but trying to be in a committed relationship, considering marriage, or struggling with the idea of commitment, our work is for you,” explains Barry Carl. “If you are engaged, just married, or already in a longterm committed relationship or marriage, our work is for you, too.”

“We all need pretty much the same thing, whether you are part of a heterosexual or same-sex couple,” says Liz Carl, “a safe place to express and receive love, to express our sexuality, and to develop a deep and precious bond with another person.”

In addition to their work with couples, the pair sees individuals, groups and regularly presents their popular “Launching the Exceptional Marriage” one-day training seminars for pre-marriage and newly married couples in their offices in West Nyack and Manhattan.
Location: 2 Strawtown Rd., West Nyack. For more information, visit or call 917-863-1950.
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