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Core Energetics Practitioner Now in West Nyack

Diana Buonocore, Core Energetics practitioner and the owner of Ten Thousand Leaves Healing Center, has a new office in West Nyack.

Core Energetics, developed by Dr. John Pierrokos, is a form of body psychotherapy. “Core Energetics is a body-centered practice that connects energy and consciousness,” says Buonocore. “The stream of our life energy comes from the Core, which is the essence of who we are. This energy flows in health and is blocked in disease. The work of the individual in Core Energetics is to become aware of the resistance to living life fully and to be willing to release the energetic blocks.”

Through exercises that release blocks and distorted energy and thinking, Buonocore works co-creatively with her clients to help them achieve a more harmonious life. “If you have been suffering with depression or anxiety or experiencing a trauma, I can help,” she adds.

Buonocore also offers a transforming women's process group where women can explore their sexuality, spirituality and motherhood in a safe, nurturing space. “Start transforming those blocked areas of your life both physically and emotionally,” she says.

Those who mention Natural Awakenings will receive a free body reading. “It tells about your wounds and old trauma,” says Buonocore. “Muscles hold the memory and by bringing consciousness the old energy gets unstuck and the new consciousness can come in.”

Location: 2 Strawtown Rd., West Nyack. For more information call 521-0030 or email

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