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Cooling Down For Summer by Erica Trestyn

Our bodies are very smart. They are always trying to achieve optimum wellness and sustain balance. Have you ever noticed that your body craves cooling foods, like fruit and salad, during the warmer months of the year? This is because our bodies know what food it really wants. The more you tune into the messages and signals your body is sending you, the more you can cultivate a balanced state of awareness.

Eating with the seasons allows our bodies to remain in that balanced state. We can tune into our cravings and learning to interpret our body’s messages. Summer is a great time to eat more raw foods like salads and experiment with the many innovative and creative ingredients that are available. You will never need to complain about eating a boring salad. Start off by buying a variety of ingredients. Be daring and buy a new vegetable you’ve never had. Keep it simple. Use about five ingredients in your salad, including your greens. Make sure to have a variety of ingredients within your salad such as, a healthy fat, a whole grain and a source of protein.

Here are some fun ways to make your salads sizzle:

Add Leftovers
Don’t be afraid to use leftover veggies in your salad. Adding in something cooked can add a great flavor profile to your salad. Add grilled onions or roasted garlic. If you don’t have any leftovers, use some roasted peppers out of the jar.
Add Flavor with Olive Oil
Instead of adding dressing, try using a flavored olive oil. Olive oil is a great source of healthy fat and eating it raw is the best way to consume it.
Add Avocado
Avocados are a great source of healthy fat and loaded with potassium. When you combine them in your salad with something warm they get extra creamy.
Add Something Crunchy
When you add something crunchy to a salad, it adds a different texture and extra flavor. Try throwing in some nuts or seeds. Another fun crunch is raw granola. It will add a bit of sweetness and new texture to any salad.
Add Herbs
Don’t be afraid to add spice and flavor to your salad. Putting pieces of fresh thyme, parsley, cilantro, dill or mint can be just the thing you need to make your salads sizzle.
Add Lemon
Lemons are a great way to enhance your food. Squeezing lemon over your greens with your olive oil can help dress your salad. They are also great for the immune system and cleansing for the liver and digestive system.
Here is a recipe to help get you started.
Massaged Kale Salad
1 bunch of kale, or another type of green, washed and ripped into small pieces
½ lemon olive oil sea salt
½ avocado
3-4 sprigs of thyme
1 radish, washed and sliced
chopped cucumber
toasted pecans
After greens have been washed and dried, squeeze the lemon and drizzle with olive oil over the kale. Then sprinkle on sea salt and massage kale really well until soft. Add avocado and massage again. Prepare other vegetables for salad and add to greens. Add thyme. Enjoy. This makes a great base for any salad.
Erica Trestyn, is a local holistic health counselor and founder of Cultivate Nourishment LLC. She is a soft-spoken teacher, passionate motivator and recovering food addict who inspires many with her story. She empowers her clients to transform their lives through healthy eating and mindful living and believes that true health is achieved when we create complete harmony with the mind, body and spirit. For more information, contact 914-522-3204 or visit
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