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There could not be a better combination than yoga, love of nature and health education for the optimal growth of children. For 15 years Peace Through Play Nursery School has been teaching children how to connect to all three.

It is well known that yoga benefits children in a myriad of ways. It boosts self-esteem, helps with focus and concentration, teaches good health and exercise habits, strengthens muscles, helps coordination and forms mind/body connection. At Peace Through Play we practice yoga every day for 15 minutes before lunch, ending with a one-minute meditation. Weather permitting, we practice outside thereby continuing our connection to nature.

Our children love to explore our 2 acres of woods with trails. We go into the woods every morning and afternoon discovering the vast array that nature has to offer (worms are the biggest draw!).

When Richard Louv wrote Last Child in the Woods he articulated what many of us have known for years – children need to be in nature and it helps them learn better.

Among other curricula our health education also draws from yogic philosophy: proper exercise, proper relaxation, proper diet….and we like to add play. We like to make green smoothies, vegetable juices and raw ice cream as well, providing the children with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

If children are our future we have to give them the best of what we know will help them grow into healthy human beings – in mind, body and spirit. Yoga, nature and health are the prerequisites to optimal learning.

Location: 8 Amber Ridge Rd., Chestnut Ridge. For more information, call 356-8746 or visit

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