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Community Spotlight Mastering Reading, Math and ADD/ADHD Naturally and Drug Free

This is for creative minds of all ages looking for the missing puzzle piece for challenges stemming from: language, numeracy or general academic related confusions or ADD/ADHD symptoms.

Suzanne Buchauer, MA Educ, language arts teacher and licensed Davis Correction Facilitator has a personal story to tell and groundbreaking information to share, in order to help you learn more. Her family was able to regain control of their own child’s many learning challenges and find the solution to his struggles with the Davis Correction Method. “The Davis Approach is an empowering, whole person, creative and gentle method that adults and children can learn easily to eliminate their roadblocks to learning or in the workplace.”

The story began when her own son entered school. “Suddenly, he went from the happy-go-lucky boy who we knew was really bright, to feeling very unhappy and not having fun anymore. As parents, we were very confused. Why the sudden change? His life at school did not get better; things actually got worse for him as the years progressed. He would come home angry and upset and was so hard on himself,” she recalls. By the age of 11, her son was still not reading, writing, doing math or anything academically at grade level. “Fortunately, for our entire family, my husband found a book, on a business trip, which held the key to our son’s complete turn around and which ended up changing our lives as a family forever.”

The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald Davis led to her son’s, and so many other people’s, amazing transformation. The book goes through many of the procedures and shows many of the techniques used during the weeklong, camp style, therapeutic, educational, one-on-one program.

“Although I do not like labels, and wondered why I had not learned about this method during my teacher education, I now embrace the term ‘dyslexia’, and here is why. Ronald Davis looks at the strengths of the ‘dyslexic’ and the term actually refers to a person who thinks in pictures. Yes, a picture thinker. Easy—they just think differently. It was music to my ears, after wondering for so many years what is going on. Engaging with the Davis Program was the beginning of my paradigm shift in thinking about my child, other picture thinkers and that word.”

“We were encouraged and hopeful after reading the book and felt an urgency to provide our son with the gift of a correction program. It was like a light bulb went off and I just remember thinking ‘This is it!’ Now I understand my own son,” she explains.

Our family relocated right after reading the book; fortunately, there is a large international Davis Provider network, with facilitators located all over the world. We signed our son up for his weeklong correction program and his life turned around. “He loved the program because it works with the strengths and talents of the participant. He was guided through many techniques which used his mental strengths, learned highly specific reading exercises and used clay to fill in the pictures he needed for understanding meaning. He loved the entire, empowering process and best of all, his self-esteem was immediately restored.”

Buchauer goes on to explain that the follow-up work is pleasurable and thorough —using the deepest learning available to us as humans—full mastery. “It is very accessible to parents/helpers and instructors— you don’t have to be a trained teacher; and the whole family can get involved and participate. Within a very short time frame, my son went from absolutely hating and not being able to read, to reading Lord of the Rings for fun. Then, we signed him up for the math program, which transformed his whole life completely.”

Her son’s writing concerns also were resolved through this whole person process. “He went from complete unhappiness and dependence on us for all his homework to returning to his former happy self and to being a completely independent—even eager learner,” she shares. “His transformation is still awe-inspiring to us. For those who have gone through the entire process, they actually have a huge edge on school and life.

Today, her son is writing his first novel, reading every day for fun and making A’s in his college courses. “Great outcomes can be achieved for picture thinkers out there who are motivated to go through this fun and effective program.” If you think you may be a picture thinker, you can find out by taking the free online assessment at

After experiencing the amazing transformation in her son, Buchauer became a facilitator. “I wanted to guide participants through this process, like the facilitator who helped my son and our family, changing his path and our lives forever.”

Suzanne Buchauer, MA Educ, is a secondary teacher of German and English and a licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact 845-371-2918 (land line) or

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