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Community Resource Guide Directory (CRG)

This is the section of our magazine where people can find you fast.  The directory portion of our magazine is always located at the very end of the magazine so it's easy to find.  When a CRG is used in conjunction with a display ad, you have the power of a display ad which "stops" the reader and says "hey, look at me, I have something great for you" plus you'll have the power of the CRG listing reminds the reader of your display ad or article and thereby reinforces your ad message.  CRG Listings used as stand-alone impressions are availble and primarily serve those who already know what product or service they need, and are simply searching for a provider. 

 The available items within our listings are: 

  • Category Title: You can select an existing category that fits your product or service best, or, if one does not yet exist, contact us about creating one for you. Note: Choices subject to publisher's approval.
  • 4 lines of contact information—generally business name, your name, address, phone number, email and/or website. (maximum 30 characters and spaces per line).
  • Descriptive area/verbiage(Up to 25 words—additional words cost $1 per word.)
  • Photo or Logo.

All CRG listings run for a minimum of 6 months.

To increase your exposure, you may purchase duplicate listings under additional Categories. Discount available for additional listings. 










Under which category would you like to see your listing?

CHOOSE YOUR ITEMS: Your listing includes FOUR (4) of the following items. Please fill in ONLY the items you wish to purchase. Any items beyond 4 will be charged at $5 each per month.

ITEM - Business or Professional Name (maximum 30 characters and spaces per line)

ITEM - Contact Name (maximum 30 characters and spaces per line)
This is the second ITEM you may select for your CRG ad. You may include professional degrees earned. Please limit listing your degrees to the top one or two.

ITEM - Address (maximum 30 characters and spaces per line)
Use a comma after the street address then add the City. (Do not include the State unless it's outside NY)

ITEM—phone, email and or website. Do not include area code unless outside 845 (maximum 30 characters and spaces per line)

ATTACH YOUR IMAGE - A high resolution (300 dpi) image is required. DO NOT use images that you have posted to the web - those are LOW resolution and will not work for printing in a magazine.

I'll email an image by noon on the 14th of the month prior to the next issue. If it is not received by then, please run my listing without an image until you receive it.

This section is used to describe your business services and products.
The CRG listing includes up to 25 words. Additional words are billed at $1 each. If you are running a display ad along with your CRG we will reference that page number at the end of this description section at no additional charge.

Full Name (Required)
Enter contact name for billing purposes.

Phone (Required)

Email (Required)

Billing Address (Required)
Please provide your street address.

Billing - City, State, Zip (Required)

You will receive an invoice via email. Please print and fax the credit card authorization form to 206-600-6131 or 270-209-1789.

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