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Colon Health

The colon is a reflex organ. It is connected to all parts of the body so it is important that the colon does not start to weaken due to the build-up of waste material. Over time this can lead to sluggishness and the slowing down of other bodily functions. When this does occur, some symptoms may be coated tongue, dark circles under the eyes, brittle nails and hair, sallow complexion, abnormal body odor and fatigue. Even allergies, chronic headaches, irritability, nausea, asthma and indigestion can be indicators.

Ideally, a healthy colon will absorb water and help produce K and some B vitamins through the good bacteria in the body. When your digestive tract is healthy, it helps to support your immune system and maintain good health.

Elisa Street is the owner of MYTHS, which brings awareness of health and wellness through colon hydrotherapy, life coaching, events and products. She also is a certified colonics technician. MYTHS is located at 26 West Main Street in Middletown. For more information, contact 204-0377 or visit

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