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Classes and Retreats at Zen Buddhist Center

Seven Zen Buddhist lineageholding teachers provide personal instruction at Zen Garland among a diverse and welcoming community. They hold daily meditation sessions along with classes, workshops and monthly retreats.

Zen Garland takes a holistic approach to spiritual development. Students at Zen Garland participate in six core practices: study with a Zen teacher, Zen meditation, Zen yoga embodiment guidance, focusing for emotional wisdom, Buddhist studies and service.

Beginners can make a reservation to attend a free onehour instruction on the body, breath and mind of meditation. Ongoing beginner’s classes are offered on Thursday mornings and Wednesday and Friday evenings with short meditation sessions and more discussion to help attendees develop the centering, concentration and peace they seek.

Christian Zen’s Living Presence Community meets every Sunday at 11 a.m. for meditation and liturgy. Zen yoga classes take place on Monday nights and Wednesday mornings. Students also can participate in Paths: Zen Buddhism, Christian Zen, Aikido Zen, Red Path (Native American) Zen.

Upcoming events in March include a Zen Retreat on March 28-31, the “What is Buddhism” 2-day workshop on March 23-24. Future events include Native American teachings classes, a “Putting on the Mind of Christ” ongoing class, a Native American retreat and a Christian Zen retreat.

Location: Zen Garland, 83 Campbell Ave., Airmont. For more information, email or call 547-2004.

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