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Chia Seeds: The New Superfood by Teodora Touzharova

If you’ve visited a health store lately, you’ve probably been exposed to chia seeds. They can be found solo in their own packaging, whipped up in a health drink, added to health bars or in some other combination. These tiny black and white seeds just may be the new super food, claiming numerous health benefits.

What are chia seeds, and what makes them a superfood?

Chia seeds are native to Mexico and Guatemala and were once worshipped by the Aztecs as the food of the gods. Just one ounce or about three tablespoons of chia seeds provides the following:


• More calcium than half a cup of milk
• More protein than other grains, seeds or beans
• Almost half of the recommended daily fiber intake
• A third of the recommended daily intake of phosphorus and manganese
• Lots of antioxidants

All of these benefits in just 140 calories! While chia seeds are somewhat high in fat, they provide us with nearly as much essential omega-3 fatty acids as flax seeds; however, chia seeds have a longer shelf life and can be eaten without grinding them first. In fact, chia seeds can be mixed with water, juice or milk to create delicious drinks, breakfasts or desserts. They have the amazing ability to absorb liquid and expand up to 10 times their size. This feature is important because it allows us to create healthy meals that are filling, yet low in calories with no cooking required.

Teodora Touzharova is a local holistic health coach and registered yoga teacher. She offers one-on-one health coaching. She also teaches yoga classes in locations throughout Orange County. She can be reached by calling 646-510- 1797 or visiting

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