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Change Your Lifestyle with Zumba Fitness® by Pauline Henriques

By this time each year, many New Year’s resolutions have lost their steam. New Year resolutions come and go, but lifestyle change is lasting. Resolutions really are about finding what we love and enjoy doing—in life and in fitness. Have you heard the saying, “Sweat is fat crying”? If that’s true, then there is a lot of “fat crying” with Zumba® classes which are jam-packed with sweat and smiles. Every class is a party where participants dance, sing, sweat and smile. By the end of the hour, participants have burned between 400-1000 calories, all while doing something they love and enjoy: Zumba Fitness.

How it Began

Zumba Fitness was created in 2001 in Miami, Florida by Columbian native, Beto Perez. It began when Beto was teaching regular aerobics classes. One day he forgot his fitness music. Not wanting to disappoint his students he decided to use one of his mixed tapes with his favorite music on it. He told them he had something very special planned for them that day. There would be no talking, and they should just follow him. By the end of that class his students were begging for more, and so are many students all around the world today. Since then Zumba Fitness has spread to more than 150 counties. Zumba Sentao The latest Zumba Fitness craze is

Zumba Sentao®

Zumba Sentao has all the fun of Zumba fitness combined with muscle toning accomplished using the chair. Tricep dips and push-ups are just a few of the muscle sculpting moves found in one of these classes, and just when a person thinks they can’t take it anymore, it’s time to get up and dance around that chair like it’s the best dancing partner ever.

We all know that exercise alone will not get you fit. Changing your lifestyle means more than incorporating a fitness routine. It’s true, we literally are what we eat; it’s what we’re made up of. Having a big meal that includes red meat, pasta, dessert, soda or alcohol will leave us feeling a lot different than a meal comprised of lots of vegetables, complex carbs and lean protein. There is so much confusing information out there about nutrition but following a few basic rules can help get you on track–eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water, and eat and drink less of the unhealthy stuff. Those that need more help in this arena should consider getting a health coach. A health coach can help individuals reach their health goals step-by-step. 

It’s time we all forgot about New Year’s resolutions and stuck to new life resolutions instead.

Zumba®, Zumba Fitness® and the Zumba Fitness logos are registered trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC.

Pauline Henriques is the owner of Z Lifestyle Dance Fitness Studio, located at Westshore Plaza, 580 Rt. 303 in Blauvelt. Z Lifestyle offers both fitness classes and health coaching. For more information, contact Henriques at 848-2211 or 201-637-2047 or visit


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