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Challenger Center Camp

challenger center

Give your kid some space this summer—outer space! The Challenger Center’s week-long summer camp programs, designed for kids in grades 1 through 6, gives children a fun-filled, science-based, learning experience that will last a lifetime.

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Open House for Summer Play Camp


Summer Play Camp will host two open houses– one on March 11 and the other April 29 for parents and children to take a tour, meet the Camp Director and hear all about the camp's unique and adventure-filled summer program. Fun activities are planned for the children and refreshments will be served.

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Resiliency for a Self-Aware Life by Paula Heitzner

The month of March, with the return of more light, stirs our imagination and physicality. We emerge from winter's cocoon, and naturally seek the increasing energy and promise inherent in spring. This time is perfect to utilize the benefits of our yoga practice. Paraphrasing the well-known saying of R&R, typically known as rest and relaxation, we also can embrace it as resiliency along with resistance, recovery or resolution. The second "R" always should be self-determined so as to be appropriate at any given time in one's life. As the journey unfolds, we can enlarge R&R to be an all-encompassing R, R, R & R of resiliency, resistance, recovery and resolution. Whimsically, the four RRRR's reminds me of the growling mantra of powerful creatures, who also share the prana.

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Beatrice B. Mattaway, Willow Tree Yoga

bea willow tree yoga trikonasana

I was first introduced to yoga in the mid 60’s when I was 5 years old and living in Japan. My parents would take us every Saturday to a Zen-do, where we practiced zazen Zen Buddhist meditation. Because that form of meditation required silently sitting upright for about an hour at a time, we would have a yoga instructor come to our house to help prepare our minds and bodies for zazen.

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So You… Summer Sewing and Fashion Design Camps

2017-02-20 17.38.30 so you

Learn something new, meet new friends and have a great time at So You… summer sewing camps. Boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 13 are welcome and camps are offered throughout the area. Sewing fulfills soft STEM/STEAM requirements. Sewing is a great creative outlet and a valuable life skill. Sewing also aids in the development of eye-hand coordination, process thinking, problem solving, patience and focus. And most important, it is fun.

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The Skinny on Food Sensitivities and Allergies by Lisa Y. Mitchell

In the past couple of decades most of us have heard of an increasing number of our friends, co-workers and family members whose lives are being affected by food allergies and sensitivities. It seems that every week someone was just diagnosed with lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivities, corn or soy allergies, digestive issues, various autoimmune conditions and the list goes on. This might leave us wondering,“What exactly is a food allergy? Is this new allergy frequency all in my imagination? Has it always been this way? How did they figure this out? Am I next?”

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Elisa Piscitelli, Wild Soul Yoga

elisa piscitelli wild soul yoga

Elisa Piscitelli, E-RYT is the owner and lead instructor of Wild Soul Yoga Studio in Middletown. Initially, it was prenatal yoga in 2004 that opened up the potential of meditation and asana practice into her daily life both on and off the mat. A few years later she ‘stumbled’ upon a Buddhist retreat center where she attended meditation groups, retreats and time-keeper trainings. She eventually incorporated Vinyasa classes and everything just clicked.

Her favorite style to teach is Vinyasa but it is the more disciplined Yin style that she enjoys practicing most these days. Sleeping Pigeon/Swan is her favorite pose to hold. She loves building the community up and finds great joy in assisting others to make yoga and meditation a beneficial element of their routine.

Elisa Piscitelli, E-RYT, is the owner and lead instructor of Wild Soul Yoga Studio located at 3 W. Main St., Middletown. She can be reached at or 313-5343.

Free Spirit Nature Camp

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Do you have a hard time keeping your kid out of the mud? Do your kids want to chase caterpillars and explore in the woods?

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Welcome to Camp RoCA 2017

RoCA camp pic 2

Camp RoCA is a place for children to explore their creativity and imaginations while developing skills they can bring back to the classroom and use throughout their lives. Camp RoCA is fun – a place where memories are made and children forge lasting friendships with their peers and counselors.

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The Gyrotonic Method For Runners by Rosibel Landau

Running is a natural human form of movement, but it comes with a cost. Most runners eventually experience some form of discomfort including tight hamstrings, calves or buttocks, hip flexor pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, sore shoulders or back pain to name just a few.

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