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Strengthen Your Mind, Body and Soul with Tai Chi by Felicia Somma and Marlene Stefanelli

Which of us has not been intrigued when observing seemingly elderly people, up at sunrise, moving simultaneously, slowly, fluidly, gracefully and effortlessly in what we collectively know as Tai Chi? Have you wondered if you could move so gracefully? Balance seems to come easily to them and they look so peaceful.

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Enrich Your Partnerships Tips for Mindful Relationships by Dr. Sally Nazari

Relationships can be some of the most incredible experiences of our lives. They also can be difficult. You want to feel connected to your partner, yet sometimes it may feel like there is a wall up between the two of you. You want to understand your partner, but find you sometimes feel like you’re speaking two different languages. You may have the same argument again and again and can predict exactly how it will go, yet never can come to a resolution. Mindful relationships can offer a way to reach a greater point of connectivity and resolution.

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Local Author Profile Get Out of Your Own Way… And Get On With It: A Practical Guide to Stop Self-Judgment and Negative Thinking by Peter E. Heymann

Get Out Of Your Own Way Book Cover

“Wouldn’t it be great if life came with instructions? No matter what the circumstances of your life have been, you have the power to unlock your full potential and become the person you were always meant to be,” assures career and life coach Peter Heymann. In his new book, he will show you that when you develop a clearer understanding of why you are the way you are and then consciously choose how you want to move forward, you can achieve positive change in your life.

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Preparing for a First Dental Visit by Dr. Sherri Alpert

If children are fearful of visiting the dentist, it can be a very difficult task to get them to go willingly. Therefore, it is important that your child understand that you will be there every step of the way. Many children are frightened of the unknown so if you are able to explain what will happen during their dental visit without using emotionally charged language like hurt or pain, the visit will go a lot more smoothly. Make sure that your child knows that you will be his or her advocate and ask the dentist to stop and explain what is going on at any point if it seems like your child is becoming fearful. You can make up a secret word or signal between your child and yourself if your child needs you to step in.

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How We Are Connected Art Therapy’s Role in Understanding Who We Are by Lorraine Murphy

We engage in relationships every day, whether it is relationship to self, family, friends or community. Art therapy can be an entry to deeper understanding of these relationships and lead to happier and more fulfilling lives.

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Empowering Communication by Steven Lee

Relationships are a work in progress in which certain attributes create harmony and connection. There are three important steps that make relationships more fulfilling and successful: agreement, mutuality and reciprocality.

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Estate Planning, Elder Law and Medicaid Planning by Tom O’Connell

Tom O'Connell

Planning for a disability and death is something that no one looks forward to but it also is something that everyone agrees results in feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction because you know that you have delivered a lasting expression of love to those you have provided for and leave behind.

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Detoxifying Your Body for Better Health by Matthew Gines

Everyone should take charge of their own health and wellness maintenance. After all, who would take better care of you, than you? Everybody should have access to live a healthy, vibrant and meaningful life. However, in our modern society, that has become a significant challenge for many individuals. With all of the toxins and the stresses, we are all exposed to on a daily basis it is no wonder we are dealing with so many epidemics. Fortunately, people often can achieve balance by tapping into their body’s own healing capabilities. By utilizing holistic health modalities like Emotional Freedom Techniques and Raindrop Techniques with essential oils and pulsated electromagnetic frequency devices individuals can achieve mental, physical, spiritual and biochemical balance to allow for self-healing. Also, by learning about the impact of nutrition, people can understand how to use food as medicine and achieve a higher level of wellness through healthy lifestyle practices. If you take the bad out and put the good in, the body absolutely can heal itself, providing relief from toxins, stress and pain that create roadblocks for healing.

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Tapping with Teens A Self-Care Practice Everyone in the Family Can Use by Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D.

Woman and Meridians for EFT article

Imagine the life of a teen: busy, exhausting, exciting, and filled with moments of uncertainty, emotional highs and lows, and relationships that are intense, tense, and mercurial. The life of a teen is often like being on a roller coaster. While the highs can be extremely fun and rewarding, the low points and the ever-constant changes taking place, definitely take their toll.

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Moments of Life for Patient and Family Made Possible by Hospice by Janice Valentino

Lorraine Howell Children and Sister _for Hospice article

In the living room, a grandmother laughs and enjoys her time with her grandchildren. Later, she joins the rest of her family to enjoy a meal together. Moments like these may seem ordinary to most, but would it surprise you to know that this grandmother, Lorraine from Orange County, NY is dying and on hospice care?

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