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Caribbean and Mediterranean Fusion Restaurant Now Open

Luminesque Café, in downtown Nyack, is the collaboration of two women from two different backgrounds, whose culture and upbringing greatly influenced their passion for cooking.

Across these different seas, one woman was blending spices into tropical drinks as she watched her grandparents knead large amounts of flour in preparation to serve the local establishments the finest breads, while the other watched her “yiayia” knead the filo dough to make spanakopita, a spinach pie. These two women crossed paths, and within time gave birth to a unique and exotic fusion.

“Our goal is to provide a historic experience, using recipes handed down from generation to generation, to give customers a taste of traditional Caribbean and Mediterranean cooking,” shares co-owner Kristena Katelas. “We want our customers to enjoy our unique fusion of foods, especially the “Cariterrean” which offers a delicious blend of both our cultures.” Also on the menu are different types of teas, smoothies, gelatos and sorbettos which are updated regularly to reflect the seasonal ingredients.

Luminesque Café is open Tuesdays through Saturdays for breakfast, lunch and dinner. “We offer our health-conscious customers dishes made with the best local and organic ingredients, including many vegetarian dishes,” shares co-owner Laura Cepeda. “Be sure to join us for our Saturday brunch and our live music events.”

Location: 140 Main St., Nyack. For more information, call 671- 9229 or visit

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