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Can Exercise Target Fat in One Area of the Body? by Diane Kenny

It’s that time of year again where many of us are making heartfelt New Year’s resolutions for a better lifestyle. With spring and beach season just around the corner, there’s no better time to get to the gym and begin that exercise program. Perhaps there’s a wedding on the horizon? Or a long-awaited-for trip to Hawaii. Whatever the reason, we all want to look and feel our best for the special occasion.

More of us in this health-conscious era are becoming aware that there is no magic bullet for getting back in shape. We’ve experienced fad diets, which often lead to a yo-yo effect. And if a healthy diet hasn’t become a daily habit, for many people the weight lost from a crash program will come back in time.

Simply put, looking and feeling good comes from spending the time to learn what foods and supplements lead to good health and then to develop the habit of consistently eating what’s good for us. In tandem, a regular program of exercise needs to be in place to cement the progress made from eating well. Those of us that can’t make it to the gym can now head to YouTube where hundreds of exercise routine videos await us.

Many people still wonder if exercise can eliminate fat in just one area of the body, and the answer to that is NO —no matter how many sit-ups or crunches a person does. While this effort will strengthen stomach muscles and help to reduce fat overall, it won’t target fat just in the stomach area. Exercise eliminates fat throughout the body; the only way to eliminate fat in just one area is either through expensive liposuction or through non-invasive fat freezing.

So what happens when a person has done their homework, is eating well and exercising, but that fat around the waist, in the thigh area and those love handles just isn’t disappearing? Thankfully, there is a non-invasive technique for eliminating excess fat called cryogenic lipolysis—or simply put, fat freezing. One 30-minute session can lead to as much as two inches of fat loss in problem areas. In addition, there is no down time with this FDAapproved treatment. Clients can be in and out at lunchtime and back to the office, ready to work. Multiple treatments with this state-of-the-art technology can lead to a significant reshaping of the stomach, hips and thighs, allowing you to look and feel your best.

Diane Kenny is a Middletown-based practitioner of Cryo Body Sculpting and offers in-office or home appointments. She currently is offering a special New Year’s price on a package of 6 or 10 treatments. Contact her at 434-9069 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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