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BOGO Massage in Monroe

BOGO. Buy one, get one free. Quick—what comes to mind? A shoe sale? Clothes special? Stillpond Massage Therapy wants to change that reaction. How? Ron and Bethany Mutone, co-owners of Stillpond Massage Therapy, are offering a special for the month of September: buy one massage, get one free. That's right—two for the price of one.

“Have you ever wondered what a massage feels like? Have you thought that maybe your workouts could improve or that your stress levels would drop or that you could feel more comfortable in your body if you took some time to nurture yourself? Can your immune system use a tune-up before winter sets in? Then this is the best time to try a massage,” suggests Bethany Mutone.

With four NYS licensed massage therapists to choose from and extended hours that allow convenient scheduling for commuters, stressed-out parents, teachers or anyone who just wants to be able to take better care of themselves, this is an unprecedented offer to kick start your health.

Stillpond Massage therapy, founded in 1998 in the heart of the village of Monroe, has built a reputation for assisting those recovering from injury, helping athletes perform at optimal levels and providing relief for people working to manage their stress levels. Ron and Bethany Mutone have established themselves as an integral part of the community and look forward to working with you. Schedule your appointments today.

Location: 677 Rt. 17M, Monroe. For more information or to schedule your appointments, contact 783-0343 or visit

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