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Benefits of Traditional Taekwondo Training by Don Wiggins

The benefits of training in traditional Taekwondo have some similarities to training in any martial art but, at the same time, also have some notable differences. Martial artists who train regularly see improved overall health, including better balance, more flexibility, improved coordination, more strength, increased speed and more confidence. Those who study traditional Taekwondo enjoy these, as well as additional unique benefits, derived by learning time-honored skills. Here are some of the benefits of traditional Taekwondo training.

Possess a calmer mind

Classes begin and end with a group meditation. Concentrating on breathing can help to remove the distractions which clutter the mind in daily life. After meditating, one is ready to receive instruction with a clear and open mind. Individuals find themselves calmer, breathing properly and able to perform to a much higher standard. Eventually, meditation also helps to face daily challenges with a clear head and a calm mind, in ways that can be beneficial to health, relationships and finances. Many nontraditional schools do not offer guided, regular meditation periods. These periods can be a valuable asset to both one’s training and daily life.

Enjoy feelings of solidarity and belonging

There is a unique bond that comes from being part of a small group of individuals who have chosen to study traditional Taekwondo. Only a small percentage of people study a martial art. An even smaller percentage study traditional Taekwondo. This group is elite, however anyone can join. New members are warmly welcomed and assisted every step of the way. Traditional taekwondo is not always learned easily or quickly. It is normally only studied in schools where the instructor’s martial arts lineage can be traced back through many years. Despite this, Taekwondo practitioners are solid and firm in their traditional stances in the same way previous martial artists have stood for centuries. The same skills are taught, the same struggles are shared and similar triumphs are celebrated. Practitioners take pride in making sure that hand and foot positions are correct to the most exacting degree. Feelings of belonging come from learning and sharing a “tried and true” martial arts system which has been taught for many decades.

Have an authentic martial art to hand down to future generations

Traditional Taekwondo is a vehicle through which a martial art legacy can be carried on to future generations. Taekwondo literally means “foot hand way”. The “do” means the way or path that a martial artist takes in learning his art. By faithfully practicing this martial art in the traditional way, ideas are transmitted from generations past to generations future through generations present. Future generations will enjoy the same benefits as the current and past generations.

The benefits of training in traditional Taekwondo are many. These benefits are enjoyed by individuals every day who continue to learn, train and never give up. We are forever grateful to those who came before and to those who teach this art.

Don Wiggins, a 3rd Dan Black Belt in traditional Taekwondo, owns the Chosun Taekwondo Academy of Rockland, located in Nyack. He currently is accepting new students. He can be reached at 558-9208 or or by visiting

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