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Benefits of Prenatal Yoga by Arlene Kobylinski

It’s important for a woman to stay fit throughout her pregnancy for her own health, as well as the health of her baby. This is a special time for a woman to bond with her baby; however, it is not a time to be pushing one’s self too much at the gym.

Practicing yoga can help reduce the trying effects of a woman’s changing body.

Women who practice yoga regularly during their pregnancy can expect to significantly reduce lower back and foot pain and increase circulation throughout their body.

Yoga is ideal for any woman, even those who have not practiced yoga prior to becoming pregnant. It actually comes quite naturally to most pregnant women because a woman’s body is producing hormones that allow her ligaments and joints to loosen, making her more flexible than ever.

A huge benefit of practicing prenatal yoga is relaxation. A pregnant woman who practices yoga will find ways to breathe more deeply to nourish her growing baby and reduce the stress that comes with planning for her new bundle of joy. Other added bonuses include strengthening the legs and the pelvic floor in preparation for childbirth as well as meeting other women who are going through the same issues and changes.

While all yoga classes are beneficial to women, not all yoga classes are geared toward the pregnant woman. Many routine yoga poses are contraindicative to pregnancy so it’s important to find an instructor trained in prenatal yoga. Once a prenatal yoga class is found, it’s time for a woman to celebrate her newfound flexibility and enjoy the surplus of benefits that yoga affords her.

Arlene Kobylinski, RYT, is a mom of three and proudly practiced and instructed classes while pregnant. She is the owner of Bumblefly Yoga studio located 34 Smith Clove Rd. in Central Valley. The studio offers prenatal yoga classes on Sunday mornings. For more information, call 262-0359 or visit BumbleFly

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