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Behavioral Issue, Enzyme Deficiency or Food Allergy? by Lauren Murphy

Parents are always concerned when their children are experiencing behavioral struggles. Discovering when and why may shed light on the cause and how to change those behaviors and issues. Often times autistic, ADD, and ADHD characteristics are reactions to something that the child is ingesting. An elimination diet, such as The Feingold Diet, can remove certain foods that contain harmful and contributing ingredients to such behavioral characteristics.

The whole idea of changing one’s diet may seem overwhelming at first and thoughts like, “What does food have to do with my child’s behavior?” may be crossing your mind, but the reward of seeing the results of switching a child’s diet is immeasurable. Food sensitivities are continuously rising in children today and they can present themselves in ways that have not been previously classified as a typical food allergy or sensitivity. For example, today food allergies can more commonly be identified as disruptive, hyperactive, impulsive, emotional and unusual cognitive behavior. Also, many believe that there is a correlation between a gluten and casein free diet when it comes to ADD, ADHD and autism and have seen positive changes when these are eliminated from the diet as well.

In addition to suppressing symptoms through diet and nutrition, addressing gut health is also important. This often involves restoring enzymes that may be lacking in the digestive system. “It is very evident from much of the research that many people with neurologically related conditions may have a multitude of gastrointestinal problems,” says Karen DeFelice in her book, Enzymes for Autism and Other Neurological Conditions.

It is important to treat each child as the individual that they are, as what works for one may not work for the next. Patience and an elimination diet with a focus on gut health and the use of digestive enzymes are the fundamentals to better health and learning.

Lauren Murphy is a Holistic Health Coach of Spoonful Synergy and member of The Feingold Diet. To schedule a free consultation, contact or 325-4727. Also, check out for more information regarding services and Murphy’s schooling and approach. You also can find Spoonful Synergy on Facebook and instagram@spoonful_synergy.

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