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Be Happy by Marie Vega-Byrne

Today is the future I created yesterday. Only I can determine the level of happiness that I allow into my life. Most of us have been so indoctrinated into believing that our happiness is attached to ideas such as how much money we have, how great our jobs are, the number of friends we have, the state of our marriage or relationships, our family connections or our appearance.

We often spend so much time being afraid or stuck— afraid of losing that job or stuck in relationships that are negative and destructive—that we are just existing. In the process of surrendering to these conditions we surrender ourselves, our minds, our bodies and our souls. We surrender the choice to be happy and we live in existence or survival mode. We surrender that which is ours by right and design. We spend all of our time designing the perfect life rather than creating the life that will be perfect for ‘me’. We become so wrapped up in the doing we forget the being.

Happiness is a state of mind. It is a choice. It is moments of self-acceptance, inner peace and joy. Happiness is our story of second chances. It is the decision to make our lives whole. It is the moment we say yes and choose to love and trust ourselves.

No, it does not always present itself to us. We have to believe that we deserve it. We have to call if forth from our inner souls. Yes, it even can be masked by grief or intense sadness. But it always is there, just hovering and waiting for us to call it forth.

If we spent as much time living happy as we do in chasing happiness, wow, how incredible that would be! Happiness is not found in the destination but the journey upon which we travel. It is the journey of you, me and us.

Take time to count your blessings. Yes they are there even if you don’t think so. Stop spending all that time and energy beating yourself up for flaws and mistakes—what a happiness drain that can be. Discover what brings you the most happiness and choose to change the way you respond to the challenges and conditions you are experiencing. Notice what you are noticing. Shift your frown to a smile. Feel the open and lightness inside you. Be happy.

Marie Vega-Byrne is the chief possibility officer at Beyond Rubies Coaching. She can be reached at 914-443-7495 or for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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