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Awareness Through Movement Lynn Kenny Classes

Lynn Kenny, founder of Move- BeWell Feldenkrais Studios of Bloomingburg, is ready to kick off the fall session on Thursdays with Awareness Through Movement™ classes at Pine Bush Elementary school.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes are a great fit for anyone who wants to move more freely, relieve pain and stress, and simply feel healthier and more alive. ATM classes are extremely gentle so that anyone, young or old, athletic or not, can feel perfectly comfortable joining in. Students often come in with some aches and pains and leave feeling comfortable and refreshed, looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

“And for those of you who like to hit the road or trail, Sunday, November 4th is the ‘Easier Walking and Running’ workshop,” says Kenny. “This 3-hour workshop will help you to feel more fluid and balanced as you move through your life, whether you are a walker, a runner, or just somebody who would like to move more fluently, gracefully and effectively.”

Kenny, who is a certified Feldenkrais™ practitioner and movement specialist, also offers private Functional Integration ™ lessons which are highly effective for both children and adults with chronic pain issues, serious neurological and muscular problems and learning disabilities and functional delays. “Results from these lessons can be immediate and profound. These lessons are for anyone and everyone from babies right up to seniors,” adds Kenny.

For a full class and workshop schedule or to schedule private sessions for adults or children, visit or call 978-6506.

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