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Awakening Humanity by Diana Underwood

Today, no one is completely independent. We are all interdependent as human beings, families and communities. The recent hurricane is a perfect reminder of that. Therefore, we always should be developing and increasing our interactive nature.

On one hand we tend to live in our own microcosm. We consume our lives with our own thoughts, deeds and actions. This usually benefits ourselves and perhaps our nuclear family or those with whom we interact regularly. On the other hand, we all have the ability to think beyond ourselves. This means thinking about the community in which we live, including those living on our street, or in our town or city, all the way through to the entire world. When we think beyond ourselves, we awaken to great possibilities and it informs the choices we make on a daily basis.

The following suggestions can help us be more connected:

• Learn as much about yourself as you can

• Learn as much as you can about others by listening and studying

• Learn about various environments, cultures, religions, languages and countries

• Learn how to listen, communicate, compromise and place yourself in another person’s shoes

• Stay positive in all your interactions and goals

• Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

• Be mindful of others and the world around you

• Help those in need

• Be creative and have fun

• Share

These are just some of the ways to think about our humanity in life and to help awaken us to ourselves, others and how we live. Once awake, only good things can follow.

Diana Underwood is a holistic practitioner, licensed master social worker and psychotherapist. She and her partner George Toth, a licensed clinical social worker, are the owners of Alternative Counseling, located at 5 Barnstorm Road in New Windsor and at 276 Hudson Street in Cornwall-on- Hudson. She can be reached at 534- 2980 or gtoth. alternativecounseling@

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