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Authentic Relationships with Body-Aligned Truth

A major issue in relationships, observes Core Energetics practitioner Diana Buonocore, is that we disregard our own inner voices and choose not to express our truth: whether we want more from a relationship or want to leave it. This needn’t be ‘big’—the most important truths often can be subtle choices about self-expression.

“Most people (including me) seem to need guides to discover and release longheld defensive relationship patterns. Clients I’ve worked with for a while have learned to feel into their bodies and self-align in relating to others. Newer clients are typically still coming into the kind of body-awareness that allows them to hear their own truth and follow it.”

Core Energetics gives clients a practical basis to deeply experience their emotions and desires (both positive and negative) and— importantly—to act more effectively with others in expressing those feelings.

As Buonocore notes, "While self-alignment does not mean that everything becomes perfect or we’re in bliss all the time, it does mean we are in our truth. It requires brave vulnerability to state to another what you really want. But to take the risk to communicate and fully express who we are is the only path to authentic relating and a fulfilled life.”

Diana Buonocore practices Core Energetics in Nyack and NYC, using a system of body-movement, breathwork and mindfulness practices to help clients overcome stress, anxiety, depression, family and relationship issues, and reach full-body states of happiness. To schedule an appointment, contact 845-521-0030, or visit

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