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Are You Making Empowered Decisions? by Elaine Torrance-Gingrich

We make decisions all the time — every second of every day—day in and day out. But are we examining those decisions with respect to how they affect our best selves? Do we take the time to examine our beliefs when we make those decisions? If we don't take the time to look at our decisions and the beliefs we hold behind them, how can we ever expect to let go of those beliefs that no longer serve the person we are becoming?

When faced with a decision, ask yourself if the decision you are considering reflects the person you are becoming. Are you making this decision because it is the best for you now or is it based on an old belief which no longer serves you?

The Emotion Behind the Words Matter

Let's say you see an outfit you love in a store window. You try it on and it fits you perfectly and you look fantastic in it. You do the math in your head and realize you cannot really afford to spend the cash on it right now. Since you are working on developing your abundance mindset you revise making the decision from a place of lack ("I can't afford it.") to making the decision from a place of abundance ("I could buy this right now but I am choosing not to at this time.") Do you feel the difference in the energy behind those statements? This is how you make the decision "right.” Your immediate reaction was that you could not afford it but you chose not to stay in the negative energy behind that decision. In that moment, you shed the old belief you held regarding lack and pivoted your decision to reflect your growing abundance mentality.

It can be daunting to attempt to monitor all your thoughts but the more you stop to reflect, the more natural it becomes to do so. Make an effort to notice how you feel. If you feel negative, there may be a belief that needs to be revised. Similarly, if a decision feels negative, then stop to look at the belief behind the decision and choose one that empowers you. The change in thoughts and words makes a great difference, even if the final decision remains the same. Every time you do this you will be improving your ability to make decisions from a place of power.

Elaine Torrance-Gingrich is the founder of Avalonian Moon. She helps women heal emotional wounds and discover their possibilities through her Heal with Ease™ process and DANCE™ system coaching methods. She is now offering the gift of free Discovery Sessions to help women become more empowered. She can be reached at 692-7322 or For more information, go to

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