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Amma Sri Karunamayi Offers Sacred Fire and Prayer Ceremony

Amma Sri Karunamayi has been revered since birth as an embodiment of infinite compassion, wisdom and unconditional love. On Sunday, July 7, she will be hosted at Ananda Ashram in Monroe where she will offer a grand Homa, or sacred fire ceremony, for universal peace and healing.

People of all faiths, origins and backgrounds are welcomed to this free program, which is part of Sri Karunamayi’s nineteenth world tour. The ceremony will be conducted outdoors under a large tent, beginning at 9 a.m. and concluding with light food.

Guests will have a unique opportunity to experience the presence of a spiritual master who represents the ancient teachings and traditions of India. Homa, the sacred fire ceremony, is one of the traditional spiritual practices of ancient India. A Homa employs various technologies, including the purifying agent of fire, Sanskrit mantras (compositions of pure sound vibration) and profound spiritual intention, prayer, to dispel negativity, transform mental thought and thinking, bring balance and promote peace and well-being. Special ingredients, like ghee (clarified cow’s butter), herbs and flowers, are offered into the consecrated fire as sacred mantras are uttered. The smoke which rises holds powerful healing energy that charges and purifies the atmosphere. Homas have the power to attract universal, divine energy for the benefit of those in attendance, the environment and our world family at large.

We suggest that attendees wear modest clothing, covering the shoulders and legs, if possible. White clothing is auspicious when attending Homas, but there are no dress codes or restrictions.

Location: Ananda Ashram, 13 Sapphire Rd., Monroe. For more information, contact 782-5575 or visit

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