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Addressing Your Diverse Needs with Yoga by Tim Shannon

Yoga is much more than attempting to bend oneself into a pretzel shape. Yoga is a way for any person to find a path to better health and a calm mind. Anyone can successfully develop their own yoga practice, regardless of any physical and/or mental challenges or limitations. By learning proper breathing techniques and practicing various yoga poses everyone can improve their overall condition.

Learning to Relax

One of the most important things that one can learn in yoga is how to relax. True relaxation in our society is difficult to achieve due to the tremendous amount of stimulus all around us. People often say, “I can’t do yoga I have no flexibility.” The truth is that we are tight more from not being able to relax than from muscle tightness. When people attend a yoga class they take the time to let go of their day’s problems and worries so that they can become absorbed in the present moment. Yoga teaches individuals how to breathe in such a way that their bodies and minds flow with the breath.

Many people grappling with physical issues including heart surgery, cancer, Parkinson’s, Lyme disease, joint replacement, chronic back pain and many other issues benefit from developing a yoga practice. Doctors increasingly send their patients to yoga studios because they recognize the multiple health benefits yoga provides. In a yoga practice individuals can work with their limitations through gentle movement, meditation and breath work. Yoga can challenge them to expand their own unique abilities including concentration, flexibility, stress reduction, strength, stamina and emotional well-being.

Something for Everyone

There is something for everyone in yoga. Whether you are looking for a challenging workout, a way to relax, an improvement of a health issue or a way to increase your concentration, there is a yoga class for you.

Tim Shannon is a co-owner of Yoga on the Wallkill where they offer a variety of classes for all levels of experience. Each class incorporates meditation, breath work, asana and deep relaxation. Oneon- one yoga therapy with a certified yoga therapist is available for those who wish to address deeper issues. Yoga on the Wallkill, overlooking the Wallkill River, is located at 100 Ward Street in Montgomery. For further information visit or call 457-1117.

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