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Achieve Your Healthy Lifestyle Goals

Alex Hausner, founder of The Fitness Haus, started his business to give back to others who have health and wellness goals similar to his. “When I growing up, I was chubby and carried around some excess fat,” he explains. “My parents helped me out by hiring a personal trainer for me. Within six months, I lost 40 pounds and completely changed my lifestyle.”

Hausner’s new lifestyle incorporated exercise, healthy eating and proper sleeping habits, among many other contributing factors. At The Fitness Haus, this lifestyle coach builds programs for his clients that include a workout regimen, nutrition guide and supplement recommendations. “I feel like I can provide simple instructions and guide you in the right direction. It would be ultimately up to you where your progress goes,” he says. “This is your journey and your life and I genuinely believe that one switch of the brain can help you get to where you want to go.”

Hausner, also an assistant manager at a GNC, is enrolled in a nutrition coaching certification program called Precision Nutrition, which allows him to coach clients on proper diet and the fundamentals of nutrition. “Being an employee of GNC enables me to give appropriate product recommendations as well. Whether I’m at GNC discussing the benefits of certain supplements or at The Fitness Haus creating a holistic program for one of my clients, I love helping others reach their healthy lifestyle goals,” he adds.

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