About The Publisher

Welcome to Natural Awakenings Hudson Valley West—a way to create a better life for yourself and for your community. My name is Deborah and I am so glad that my path led me to being the publisher of this magazine for our area. After 10 years in another field, I knew that I needed to find a career that is a true reflection of who I am. I did not want my life to start at 5 PM when my work day ended. As I am writing this, I truly am appreciating that my job is integrated into my life and my passions and now when people ask that oh so familiar question, “so, what do you do?,” my answer reflects who I am. That is a wonderful feeling.
You may be asking, “so, what is it that you do?” I publish the magazine that I would love to pick up and read if I saw it in a store or an office. Each month, I will create a magazine with informational articles on a wide variety of topics such as natural health, sustainable living and creative expression. I am grateful to have met some wonderful individuals who will be contributing their knowledge and passion to this endeavor. I love that my job “requires” me to meet and connect with amazing people who I would not have known if I had not taken action and followed my passion.
This magazine is as much yours as it is mine. It is your community resource that will connect you with like-minded people. It will inform you about the services and products in our area that will help create the life you want. It will be your “me time” in the hecticness of our daily lives. I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with me—what do you want to see in the magazine? Is there a topic about which you are passionate and want others to know about? What do you want to know more about? 
One of the many wonderful experiences that I have had since beginning this endeavor was the opportunity to take a Nia class with a local instructor. It was an amazing class and something that I would not have experienced if it were not for Natural Awakenings. I hope that Natural Awakenings leads you to new and fulfilling experiences and opportunities.
As I sit in Starbucks writing this, I am being inspired by Frank Sinatra’s My Way. How appropriate considering that I just left a 10 year career to follow my dreams and do it “my way.” May Natural Awakenings bring you similar inspiration.
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