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Articles from: January 2017

Scatter Rug Craft Workshop in Gardiner

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Located in the hamlet of Gardiner, Sunflower Art Studios will be offering a 3-class scatter rug craft workshop on February 11, 18 and 25 from 1 to 3 p.m. Instructor Gwynne Rose will lead the sessions. She comments, “I remember my mother using strips of sturdy old clothing to make colorful throw rugs to ‘scatter’ about on the floor for cushioning, drafts or foot wiping. One placed by the sink, one by the door for shoes, one outside the door for wiping shoes and one strategically placed to cover a hole in the carpet. Come and recreate a bit of history with us and make your own scatter rug.”

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Cocktail Reception and Auction to Benefit Young Man Living with Paralysis


On Saturday, February 25, come together for a good cause at the 1st annual cocktail reception at Nyack Seaport to benefit the New York Spinal Cord Injury Fund in honor of Tommy McGuire, a 23-year-old living with paralysis following a recent injury. From 6:30 to 10:30 p.m., enjoy food, drinks and fun at the historic Nyack waterfront.

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Early Job Satisfaction Supports Long- Term Health

Researchers from Ohio State University, in Columbus, started with data from 6,432 participants in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, conducted in 1979, to study the impact that early job satisfaction has upon health as we age. The new study examined reports of job satisfaction on a scale of one (dislike very much) to four (like very much) for participants between the ages of 25 and 39. Then they compared the responses to mental and physical health reports measured after the participants turned 40.

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Creating a Peaceful, Loving and Healthful Year by Paula Heitzner

The month of January is special because it offers a time to recover and reflect. We all share in the closure of the old year, while we look forward to the clean slate offered on the threshold of the new. This is a traditional time to orient ourselves and our lives towards making the improvements we seek. Now is the time to use a yoga practice to clear the shadows and darkness that diminish the perspective we hold of self and of life and celebrate this as the season of light.

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Restorative Yoga and Essential Oils


According to local yoga teacher Janet Lee, “Restorative yoga is a wonderful form of yoga that helps to engage the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for our body’s ’rest and digest’ state to restore balance.”

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Choose Physical Therapy over Opioids for Pain Management by Ashley Kurtz

Over the last decade and a half, opioid use for chronic pain management in America has quadrupled; this increase has caused an escalation of addiction and overdose. In response, the #ChoosePT campaign was started by the American Physical Therapy Association to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic in the United States and to encourage the use of physical therapy to combat chronic pain.

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Campus Tour at Blue Rock School


Blue Rock School welcomes parents interested in kindergarten through eighth grade to visit their charming, wooded campus at 10 a.m. January 28 for its Winter Information Session and Campus Tour. Attendees will discover how Blue Rock School's unique educational approach brings learning to life. Admissions Director, Beverly Stycos invites parents to "Join us for a walk through our school and learn what a gift a Blue Rock education could be for your child."

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Change and Movement for Health by Sifu Ed D’Urso

“The only constant is change.” The I Ching, the ancient book of changes, offers insight into the nature and patterns of change and how to apply them to your daily life. It is based on observations of how the two primary energies of yin and yang interact with each other to express life. In yin-yang theory, change is essential for health. The absence of change, stagnation, is worse than death, which is a natural form of change. Stagnation is a place where change is impeded, movement is absent and corruption and illness can grow. Stagnant qi is another way of saying little to no change. Consider the difference between the martial artist regularly training martial arts in class and the person on the couch watching television every night. Which person undergoes more change? Which person is comfortable? Which person is healthier?

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Anytime, Anywhere Coping Skills by Dr. Sally Nazari

Often when we find ourselves in unpleasant situations that we can’t change, difficult feelings show up and we find it’s hard to escape them. During times like this we might get very upset and notice that it’s hard to pay attention to what we’re doing. If we’re feeling intense emotions and having a hard time focusing, it can be difficult to make the best choices in these situations. By learning to better navigate these grueling feelings, we can tolerate our discomfort with more ease and get the best outcomes for ourselves. Building coping skills can help us manage our suffering until we can overcome the obstacles before us.

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Winter, Water and Your Kidneys by Dr. Richard Huntoon

You’re alive. You’re healthy, you want to stay healthy or you want to get healthy. From whatever condition you start this New Year, you can make 2017 your best ever by supporting your health with water.

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