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Articles from: December 2016

Find Peace and Calm with Monday Meditations


Beginning January 16, Dr. Sally Nazari, founder of Chrysalis Psychological Services in Nyack, will host an eight week meditation series on Monday evenings. “The purpose of meditation is to make the mind calm and peaceful. In this state, a person can be free from worries and discomfort, providing true clarity, peace and even happiness,” shares Nazari.

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Ten Days to Meditation Challenge


Willow Tree Yoga studio in Bardonia invites the community to join them for the “Ten Days to Meditation Challenge” being held Monday January 9 through Friday January 20. “Start the New Year in an auspicious way by making meditation a part of your daily life. It generally requires repeating something at least 10 times consecutively for that action to evolve into a habit. Here at Willow Tree Yoga, we are here to help you develop healthy new habits for the New Year,” says studio owner Beatrice Mattaway.

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Safe Haven Arts Adds Photography as an Expressive Medium

nb lorraine murphy

Safe Haven Arts, a mental health and wellness private practice that uses expressive art-making as a means for healing and growth, now offers photography as an expressive medium. Lorraine Murphy, licensed art therapist and professional counselor describes “art therapy as an engaging and nonthreatening way of accessing underlying psychological influences. By providing a safe outlet for these thoughts and feelings one can utilize their energy constructively to find balance and achieve goals. Therapeutic art-making helps people who have experienced illness, trauma and life challenges or who are seeking personal development.”

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Refocus with Yoga by Paula Heitzner

These days, it’s not uncommon to hear friends, family and colleagues discuss how busy their lives have become. Many of us feel that life has become increasingly fast— even frenzied at times. Because of this hurried pace, we’re losing satisfaction with our lives. We all seem to be carried along by the energy set by the hype of the media with few defenses at our disposal. However, the alternative—dropping out or closing off—offers little satisfaction as well.

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Life is Beautiful, Equally as Death is Beautiful by Ronnie Figueroa

Our minds create a gap that tells us if we focus too much on death we may very well die so it must be best to avoid these kinds off thoughts. We may try shaking them off or even telling ourselves or others that we need to practice thinking only positive thoughts and when anything negative enters our mind we must return to the positive thoughts. While in essence this may be true, it also can lead us to not look at and process all the thoughts that come to us. When we avoid doing so, we cannot determine which thoughts are generated from the selfish ego and of which thoughts we need to become aware.

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Disconnect with Flotation Therapy


Immerse yourself in floatation therapy this winter at Mountain Float Spa. “Escape the cold in our spacious float cabins filled with over a thousand pounds of Epsom salt filled water assisting you to reset both mind and body,” say co-owners Joey and Grace La Penna. “Within each of our cabins, float effortlessly as you become weightless in a quiet, peaceful environment. Water heated to skin temperature allows your mind and body to melt away as you feel like you are floating on air. Whether you prefer silence or relaxing music, escape the calls of life and disconnect by simply doing nothing. When you do ‘nothing’ everything happens,” shares Grace La Penna.

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Can You Spare ONE Minute a Day? by Beatrice B. Mattaway

The benefits of meditation have been widely touted in just about every venue, from science journals to health studies, fitness magazines to self-improvement blogs. There are countless books and magazine, videos and cd’s, and now even a wide host of apps, all dedicated to the practice of meditation. Yet how many of us really have a dedicated meditation practice? For most of us, sitting still, with a quiet mind for even 10 minutes can be a huge challenge.

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Standing Firm in Your I AM Greatness by Marie Vega-Byrne

As we begin the last month of the year 2016, we should be reminded that this really is about new beginnings and moving forward to new and greater callings in our lives. The last few months have been wrought with so much upheaval, distrust and controversy it boggles the mind. For many, it has not only affected our minds and emotions it has caused tremendous rift in our bodies physically. Now it is time to breathe in, slow down and be aware.

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Get Healthy with Pedal Power Inc.


Pedal Power Inc, owned by Teresa Thomas, has enhanced the lives of many clients with a variety of fitness classes in a fun, warm environment. With fitness studios in both Greenwood Lake and Warwick, Pedal Power offers yoga, spin, indoor paddle boarding, indoor rowing, PaddleFit and 20-20-20.

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Crystals That Enhance Wellness and Restore Your Peace and Calm by Jennifer Wood


As the winter months draws near, we may find ourselves thinking of upcoming opportunities to gather with family and friends. Often times, while these occasions provide fun, laughter and love, they also may trigger some less comfortable energies in our emotional and mental bodies. The good news is there are many crystals, gems and minerals that may help heal and transmute our energy fields, chakra balance and our overall auras. The following stones may prove to be especially helpful for inviting in a better state of wellness, calm and peace throughout the season:

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