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Articles from: October 2016

GARNER Arts Center Open Call for Photographers


GARNER Arts Center is pleased to announce an open call for photographers for the prominent image to market its Annual Arts Festival on May 20—21, 2017. GARNER is located within the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, aka "GARNER Historic District of New York'', which is comprised of twenty-eight 19th century buildings and a Creekside sculpture trail. GARNER welcomes photography which embodies the history and culture of this historic site. Artists may submit up to five digital images for consideration by GARNER Arts Center's Artistic Committee.

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Aging Wisely and Gracefully by Paula Heitzner

With maturity, I hopefully am also becoming wiser and not just older. How we view the passage of time makes a big impact on whether we get old and aged or mature gracefully. Every aspect of life reflects back to us the need to go with the flow. To become belligerent will not slow the passing of time, but definitely will upset the life-force and inner balance that supports our health and wellness. We need to transition with ease just as the seasons change their temperatures and weather conditions without a struggle and creatures of every species allow their innate instincts to prevail and guide their journeys, even salmon with their uphill struggle against fierce, currents.

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Kindergarten Play Day and Informational Session at Blue Rock School


Blue Rock School invites four-and five-year-olds and their parents to a free event on Saturday, October 29 from 10 a.m. to noon. Children can enjoy a fall harvest-themed morning with Blue Rock School's kindergarten staff which includes storytelling, crafts, homemade snacks and outdoor play on the school’s beautiful wooded campus. While children play, parents can learn about Blue Rock's vibrant learning environment.

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Improve Your Health with Chiropractic Care by Dr. Richard Huntoon

Many times someone with a health concern comes into my office frustrated with the answers they received from their physician. This is especially true when their condition is described with vague sensations of discomfort or just feeling that something isn’t normal.

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Grand Re-Opening of The Fire Mountain School to Celebrate New Name


“The Fire Mountain School is proud to announce a new name and renewed purpose for our school. Since 2012, we have been working hard to provide our students with real world skills and power that will enrich their lives with confidence, safety, health, power, purpose and meaning. During this time, it has become abundantly clear that the core of all that we teach and train is the art of applied resilience so we have renamed our school The Fire Mountain School of Resilience Training and Centered Martial Arts,” shares founder Sifu Ed D’Urso.

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Chiropractic Profile: Dr. Janette Asaro Pena

nb janette pena ws

I first learned about chiropractic when I was standing on a ski lift line with a man who told me he had a great job as a salesman but the driving was so bad for his back that one day he could not even walk. His father carried him into a chiropractor's office and he walked out without pain. He was so impressed that he quit his job and became a chiropractor.

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Children Learning Self Love Through Art by Liz Glover Wilson

“Do you love it?” is a great question to ask students about their own artwork. When young creative children are working on art projects and asked to assess their progress, they may express a range of replies from ‘this is not good enough’ or ‘it’s the wrong color’ to ‘this is my favorite color’ and ‘I love this’.

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Chiropractic Profile: Dr. Brendt Mendelblatt


I first experienced chiropractic care while in college. My mother and uncle had been seeing chiropractors and suggested that I visit one because they thought it might be a good fit for me, both for my health as well as a possible career path.

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Welcoming a Rescue Dog into Your Life by Maria Huntoon

Our streets and shelters are filled with so many rescue dogs that need and deserve loving homes. If you’ve decided to open your home to a new addition and save a life, there are several things you can do to make this rescue story a successful one.

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The Care and Treatment of Energies

CRG Jeanie Pasquale

“Some energy coming to us can be harmful to our bodies and personal energy fields. Everyone knows that if you stay in the sun too long you get sunburn. Most everybody knows that skin cancer also comes with prolonged exposure to the sun. Not everybody knows that too much exposure to energy that comes from a fault line under their home can cause ill health and cancer,” explains author and dowser Tick Gadreau. 

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