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Articles from: May 2016

Massage and Self-Care by Jen Servidio

As any busy person knows, taking the time to do something for oneself presents many challenges. Many people experience feelings of guilt by putting themselves first before all the other responsibilities life throws their way. Or perhaps, they justify their decision to put themselves at the bottom of the ‘To Do List’ because that list simply is a long one. The bottom line is that many times, individuals overextend themselves. This overextension of self can lead to several problems such as short and long term health issues and a chronic feeling of overwhelming stress which can greatly impact the feeling of well-being.

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C.H.A.N.G.E. to Become Your Best Self

nb julika

“Feeling stuck and in a rut? Longing for balance and purpose? Crave a life of deliciousness?” asks life and success coach Julika von Stackelberg. “Feeling overwhelmed by work, caring for our families and other responsibilities is one of the most common experiences we have nowadays. Add the constant stimulation through our smart phones and tablets and it’s easy to get lost,” she says.

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Rockland County Pride Weekend

nb celebrate pride 1

Join over 3,000 people throughout the June 10 to 12 weekend to help celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who live, work and play in Rockland County.

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Santa Fe Salad by Heather and Josh Wojehowski

fresh santa fe salad pic 1

The Santa Fe salad is a spicy combination of ingredients packed with punches of protein and healthy fats that satiate some major hunger pains. Northeasterners may appreciate that it makes us feel more connected to the warmer western climate. Regardless of why you eat it, the Santa Fe salad dressed with chipotle ranch dressing is a delicious and satisfying salad.

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Reader Feedback Helps Us Grow

The Natural Awakenings online national readership survey allows us to better serve readers. “Your participation takes just two minutes, and will give us a better understanding of what you need and how well we’re delivering on your expectations,” says founding CEO Sharon Bruckman. “We’ll also use your responses to help guide the direction of future development.” One participant, selected at random, will receive a $50 credit at the Natural Awakenings web store (

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Sustainable Coastal Development Offered in Virginia

Ocean Land Trust, Inc., is offering property for home building in The Waverly, a new Earth-friendly, sustainable alternative to the more traditional high-impact coastal developments, in Machipongo, along Virginia’s scenic Chesapeake Bay shoreline. The 23 separate land parcels, ranging from three to 22 acres, are especially well suited for family compounds, organic farms and horses.

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Community Spotlight Healing with Biofeedback by Dr. Stephen Larsen

crg stephen larsen photo credit (c) 2015 Marc Greene

About twenty years ago, I switched careers from college professor/ clinician to mostly clinical practice so I could enjoy our rural Hudson Valley farm and write some books. At SUNY Ulster I had had a biofeedback lab for about 25 years. The college was skeptical that such an unusual program would go, but in a very short time I had filled two classes with students, and had a waiting list. The students loved the chance to “peek under the hood” as it were, and actually made considerable progress that benefitted their lives. Biofeedback helped them get past performance anxiety and eliminated headaches, and some even told me they got smarter and more attentive in their classes.

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HomeBirth With Love

nb homebirth with love logo

Certified nurse-midwife Leah Marinelli cares for women throughout their life cycle, and is committed to taking the time each woman needs for personalized, holistic care, including the integration of a variety of healing modalities for optimal health and well-being. She established her practice to reflect a more gentle, personal approach to women’s health care. The practice offers homebirth services, family planning, yearly well-women exams, prenatal/pregnancy care and post-partum and newborn care.

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Are Essential Oils Really ‘Essential’? by Nandini Weitzman

What is an essential oil? As compared to a fatty oil, an essential oil comes from the part of a plant which is essential to its current life: the root, leaf, flower, bark, stem or wood, for instance. All of these parts of the plant contain oil, which is like the blood of a plant. Interestingly, plant oils have very similar constituents to blood. The main difference is that the plant's blood (oil) usually contains chlorophyll, whereas human blood has hemoglobin.

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Let Go and Lose Weight: 6 Week Online Course

nb liz whalen

“Are you tired of weight loss being a struggle? If so, I'm excited to tell you that it doesn't have to be. Whether you're looking to lose those last 10 pounds or much more, the Let Go and Lose Weight Foundations course will help you discover the timetested secrets that Ayurveda and modern neuroscience have to offer when it comes to effortlessly losing weight and keeping it off,” explains Ayurvedic practitioner Liz Whalen.

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