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Articles from: April 2016

Register Now for the Walkway Marathon


Run! Sponsor! Volunteer! Walkway Over the Hudson is proud to announce the second annual Walkway Marathon, created in partnership with Dutchess County Government. Last year was a remarkable success— the event sold out with over 2,500 athletes, gained the first Green Marathon certification in New York State from Athletes for a Fit Planet and qualified 21 athletes for the 2016 Boston Marathon.

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Mother and Daughter Yoga Classes in New City

nb shine yoga 1

In January of 2013, Amy Hough, the founder and owner of SHINE Yoga Kids, began teaching three weekly yoga classes for children out of her home in New City. As word spread and demand grew, she decided to venture out of her house and into new studio space on Maple Avenue in downtown New City. SHINE Yoga Kids now offers 14 classes per week for toddlers through teens, as well as birthday parties, Girl Scout troop classes, private yoga sessions and special events.

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Yoga and Renewal by Paula Heitzner

April arrives in an atmosphere of hope and joyous expectations, with gentle showers that refresh the earth and stimulate new growth. Her bright light and warmth help the regeneration not only of the world of vegetation, but also of the human psyche.

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For the Love of Pets by Bonnie Greene

For most pet owners, showering our pets with whatever makes them happy is at the top of the list and many times that means food is love. Unfortunately, when too much food is bestowed upon them, they become overweight and health issues may ensue. Once pets are out of their puppyhood/ kittenhood and are considered adults, food needs to be measured on a daily basis and using the product's bag as a guide is important.

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Custom Weight Loss Programs that Work

nb janette pena ws

Dr. Janette Asaro Peña, owner of Newburgh Chiropractic is pleased to offer custom weight loss programs that work. “The difference is the supplements that naturally curb appetite and boost the metabolism. No drugs, no pre-packaged foods, no change in exercise. Make your appointment today. Lose the weight you need to lose to be healthier,” invites Pena.

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Detoxing to Strengthen Your Immune System by K. McDonald

The immune system involves a large complex organization of organs, which guards the body from sickness by removing toxic substances and destroying infected cells. This system can be easily weakened from toxic materials building up in the body. When too many toxins have accumulated, people may suffer from an array of never ending symptoms and sickness because their immune system is no longer able to fight back.

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Spiritual Arts and Consciousness Fair in Rock Tavern

nb Consciousness Fair Caption Tai Chi Qi Gong instructor Bryon Abrams

Experience some of the best complementary health practitioners, inspirational workshop presenters, and spiritual intuitive teachers from the Hudson Valley on Saturday, April 30, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Spiritual Arts and Consciousness Fair in Rock Tavern. The fair will take place both indoors and outdoors at the unique hilltop setting of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

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Locally Grown Pea Shoot Pesto by Kris Burns

Spring is in the air, which on the farm means it’s time to plan and prepare the harvest for the coming year. At Cropsey Farm and other local farms, what they grow and who they grow it for also is being carefully cultivated thanks to the participation of their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members. CSA members value not only what they eat, but the story of where it came from. They enjoy delicious produce every week throughout the spring, summer and early fall. By literally providing the “seed money” to a farm CSA members are part of a worldwide community of families who are following, supporting and sustaining their food from seed to plate.

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Living a Sweet, Vibrant Life by Diana Becker Buonocore

We all strive to live a life of daily happiness and fulfillment. Here are 12 steps to a sweet, vibrant life full of joy and peacefulness.

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Fifth Annual Outdoor Earth Week Green Fair

nb Bhive Logo Horiz CMYK 2014

On Sunday, April 24 from 10 3 p.m., The B Hive Organic Salon will host its fifth annual Outdoor Earth Week Green Fair and Market. The event will include great products such as local honey, handmade candles and body products, henna and glitter tattoos, face painting, balloons and much more for the whole family.

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