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Articles from: February 2016

Celebrating 12 Years of Kids’ Yoga

nb childrens school of yoga

The Children's School of Yoga is pleased to announce it is celebrating its 12th year in business. During those 12 years the program has grown from being offered in just one childcare center to being offered weekly to thousands of children in more than 50 schools.

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Dental Health in Dogs and Cats by Jan Jeremias

Just as it is very important to keep our teeth, gums and mouth healthy, it also is important as animal parents and caregivers to make sure our dogs and cats have healthy teeth and gums. Until recently, dental health in cats and dogs was often a neglected aspect of home pet care. If dogs’ and cats’ teeth develop tartar, it can result in our animal companions suffering from gum inflammation or gingivitis or serious periodontal disease. Not only do affected pets develop nauseating halitosis, or bad breath, but eating can become very painful. Severe oral inflammation in our pets’ mouths can result in the spread of bacteria into their blood streams and can subsequently travel to the heart, kidneys, pancreas, liver and other internal organs.

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Improving Well-being with Glasses

nb familyVision

On Tuesday January, 12, Dr. Luchins of Family Vision and Learning, gave a three hour course to a group of developmental optometrists. This was a joint meeting of two international optometric organizations for behavioral and developmental optometrists: OEP (Optometric Extension Program) and COVD (College of Optometrists in Vision Development). The course topic was about prescribing optimal functional lenses. The optimal glasses prescription relieves symptoms within hours to days and continues to re-organize the patient's neurological foundation as they are worn.

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Create Healthy Habits for Children through Yoga

nb little shanti yoga logo from web

“’When are we laying down, Miss Wendy?’ I often get this question just as class is beginning. Children’s days can be quite busy and overscheduled so often their bodies are ready for a nap and their brains haven't rested all day. Yoga and mindfulness can play an important role in their daily routine,” shares Little Shanti Yoga founder Wendy Ferraro.

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Going Within With Yoga by Paula Heitzner

Traditionally at this time of the year, in our part of the hemisphere, a hibernation of sorts, a going within, is furthered by the lack of light, a constant chill in the air and a blanket of snow. All this adds up to a perfect time for us to pursue the inner activity and exploration of the mental/ emotional aspect of our being.

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Complimentary Consultation for Chronic Conditions

crg david connell

Dr. David Connell, who has been practicing chiropractic for 29 years, has been very successful at helping people relieve pain. “My greatest joy is to see a new patient with severe pain and in a few visits they become pain free,” he shares. Six years ago a patient asked him if he would get certified in Nutrition Response Testing. After many hours of study and traveling to Florida he received his advanced certification.

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Finding a State of Good Health by Sifu Ed D’Urso

On New Year’s Eve two years ago, just weeks after Sandy displaced us, I came down with the flu. The onset was swift and I spent the next few days fevered and shivering beneath every blanket I could find. I felt so badly, I cancelled my weekly lesson with my Sifu. When I did meet him, he asked to see my Tai Chi form. I was rusty. I apologized, “I am sorry Sifu I was sick and did not explore my forms.” Master Tian smiled and said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

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Wellness for Every Age

nb botanica JennyB_headshot

Jenny Baltazar of Botanica Massage and Wellness is dedicated to helping people of all ages and stages of life relieve stress and live healthier, more balanced lives. She has a specialized certification in prenatal and postnatal massage and offers women massage sessions that support their body, mind and spirit during this transformational time of life. She also teachers infant massage to help parents develop nurturing touch strategies to help their newborns with digestion, sleep, sinus discomfort and bonding.

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Save Money While Harnessing the Energy of the Sun

“You've felt it already, haven't you? And even though the nights are cold and there's still some shivers left in this winter, there are times that our bright sun shines down upon us and openly warms our face and coat and sleeves. It feels good. Fortunately we're finally beginning to recognize the benefits our sun can bring to us. It bathes us with more energy than we could possibly use,” explains Carl Lloyd, founder of nfpSolar.

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Partnership as Spiritual Practice

nb stone mountain counseling Stephen and Robin Larsen

“In 2000, my wife Robin and I published the most difficult book we ever worked on together: The Fashioning of Angels: Partnership as Spiritual Practice. At the time we wrote the book, we had been married 35 years. I am a practicing psychotherapist as well as a psychology professor (SUNY Ulster, now Emeritus), and Robin is an artist and art historian. We are very different people: she is from the South, while I am a Yankee,” shares Stephen Larsen, director of Stone Mountain Counseling Center.

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