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Articles from: January 2016

Free Daily Meditation Classes

Zeng Natural Healing of Nanuet is dedicated to empowering their clients toward achieving their best life ever which is why they offer free meditation classes every day. “Healing is rooted in meditation,” says Center director Liliy Hong Zhuang. “Much of the pain and sickness experienced is due to the body’s response to stress. Stress slows digestion and increases heart rate, muscle tension and emotional anxiety – all potentially causing negative health issues. Meditation activates the relaxation response in our body and stimulates the body’s own natural ability to heal and restore.”

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Brush, Brush, Brush… It’s Not Just Your Teeth by Dr. Victor Zeines

What if there was a way to tell if you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency? If you have a compromised immune system? Does the body give us clues about our general health long before we would normally sense those conditions? Yes. It’s called your mouth.

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Beat the Blahs of January by Paula Heitzner

January—the first month of the new year. Many enter it with bright optimism, ambition and a zealousness to take advantage of fresh starts. This state of mind and the organic down-time that seems to come at this time of year offers us a chance to quiet down, go within and recalculate. It provides a chance to regroup, define our priorities and reflect on what we would like to create for ourselves in the new year.

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The Joy of Movement

nb saugerties ballet kids

Scarlett Fiero, director of the Saugerties Ballet Center (SBC) invites all her students to experience the joy of movement, poise, selfdiscipline, creativity, a healthy mind esteem and body. She sees these as the foundation of every child's life. SBC, founded in 1984 and also the official school of the Ulster Ballet Company, provides individuals with a fresh and energetic exposure to dance and offers training on a professional basis for students of all levels of dedication. “Body awareness, muscle control, creativity and joy of movement are all stressed,” explains Fiero. “Students attending SBC will benefit from the guidance of qualified instructors in ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, modern dance and more.”

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Real Stories of Neurofeedback Success for OCD by Miriam Grossman, MD

Not long ago, I treated two patients with severe OCD. One was a woman in her twenties, the other a boy in elementary school. They both experienced remarkable improvement with the use of neurofeedback.

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Integrative Approach to a New You

logo_600x600 larisa

“Do you want to be healthy, happy, motivated, and energized? Do you want to lose weight without ever feeling hungry again? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

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Water and Optimal Kidney Function

You probably started the New Year with a bang. Celebrating the arrival of 2016 is a chance to reset your goals and expectations. In Chinese Medicine, the winter month of January corresponds to the element of water, your kidneys and kidney meridian. The paired kidneys are considered to be one of the most important organs in your body. They control and regulate your fluid levels, and since you’re made up of 70% water, there is quite of bit of balancing to do.

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Embodied Dance Classes in Nyack

nb allison pagano dance 1

“How many of us walk around feeling unseen, unheard and unimportant? Wouldn’t you love to have a movement practice that sets you free?” asks Allison Pagano, local dancer, teacher and choreographer with a full background in the healing arts. Pagano shares that many of us crave a more meaningful, vibrant existence, but are unsure of how to get there.

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Create a Healthier Living Environment Through Dowsing by Jeanie Pasquale

dowsing picture

Energy and vibration are the essence of everything. It is easy to see and feel the effects of energy, both positive and negative. For example, a popular video was recently shared across social media showing a man laughing really hard on a crowded subway car. At first, others regarded him with suspicion but soon his positive energy infected them all and the entire subway car was consumed with joy and laughter. In fact the energetic effect was so contagious that people watching the video across social media also were filled with joy and laughter.

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Winter Information Session and Campus Tour at Blue Rock School

nb blue rock school

Blue Rock School invites parents interested in kindergarten through eighth grade to visit their campus on January 23 at 10 a.m. for an information session. “Come meet Blue Rock faculty and hear how our vibrant and creative learning environment nurtures children’s natural curiosity and fosters a lifelong love of learning. Discover how Blue Rock School's unique educational approach brings learning to life,” says admissions director Beverly Stycos.

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