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Articles from: December 2015

Healing the Symptoms of Tick Borne Diseases

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Michal Luchins of Family Vision & Learning Center recently attended the ILADS Annual International Lyme Disease Conferences where Lyme and other tick borne diseases and similar infections were discussed. Presenting doctors covered gastrointestinal symptoms, epidemiology of this epidemic, neurological symptoms, mood disorders, the effects of various foods on symptoms and much more.

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Yoga Studio Expands Space and Adds Health and Wellness Services

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When Bridget Rawls Peterson became the new owner of Sanctuary Yoga Studios in New City, she had the vision of growth and an expansion into deeper health and wellness for the people of Rockland County. She hoped for a wellness center in Rockland County, where people can come and take care of themselves through multiple healing modalities. That vision has begun to come to pass, as Lucky Elephant Yoga and Wellness at Sanctuary Yoga Studios begins to grow and add amazing opportunities for the members of the community.

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Local Author Profile: SpOIL Your Pet A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats by Mia K. Frezzo, DVM and Jan Jeremias, MSc.

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We love our pets. They are family members, and they deserve only the best. We strive to give our pets the longest, healthiest lives possible and believe that the key to longevity is prevention of illness and maintenance of good health.

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Mindfulness in Action by Sifu Ed D’Urso

Mindfulness and meditation are widely accepted as useful practices for greater health and well-being. The full value of these disciplines is not limited to the comfort they bring or the sense of peace they confer, or even the countless health benefits they offer. If you are an athlete, a martial artist, a transformational leader, like a parent or teacher, the ability to access mindfulness and use meditation while in action presents a powerful stratagem to add to your skill set. For persons of action, these skills have the potential to improve performance and unlock latent abilities. By virtue of your intention to create real world change in real time, be it in sports, conflict or in life, you are intentionally moving into the field of change to influence the unfolding events toward your desired outcome. This can be a risky, even dangerous, adventure that makes you vulnerable to all sorts of setbacks, disappointments, pain and suffering. You know this and endeavor to succeed in spite of the risk.

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Nutritional Support to Prevent Tooth Decay by Dr. Victor Zeines, DDS

A happy tooth means a lot more than just a good smile. A happy tooth gives you reasons to smile even more, which is why it is important to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay really is a bacterial infection that is breaking down the hardest tissue of the body. It’s a result of the acid/base balance of your body being upset, generally leaning toward acidic. This results in excessive populations of decay-causing bacteria that attack teeth.

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Is There Room for Anger on a Spiritual Path? by Diana Buonocore Becker

I've been on the spiritual path for 20 years now and have discovered there are many different belief systems out there. I believe anger can be the nudge we need to create a different life which can lead to new awakenings on a spiritual level. Anger can be an essential part of a spiritual path. Without anger you cannot fully get to your truth and, without fully knowing your truth, you block your own way to a more spiritual connected balanced life.

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Vital Boost Available to Enhance Immune System

nb zeines vital boost product--use first

Dentist and nutritionist Dr. Zeines always believed that dentistry needed to do more than just fix teeth. “We have always known that protecting the health of gums will help patients to keep not just their teeth, but their life,” says dentist Dr. Victor Zeines. To help his patients live a healthy lifestyle, Zeines developed Vital Boost®, a phyto-nutrient rich Superfood that contains a unique combination of nutraceutical ingredients.

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How Special Education Addresses Emotional Disturbance by Patricia Eger and Triesha Foglia-Edwards

When it comes to students with learning issues, most people think of terms like learning disability or dyslexia. But what happens when your child’s academic difficulties are due to emotional or behavioral struggles? How does special education address needs that have less to do with learning, and more to do with feeling and behaving?

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Naturally Soothe Winter Skin by Michele Tomasicchio

Does your skin have the ‘missing the summer and dreading the winter’ blues? Don’t you love the long days of summer with the warmth and sun kissed summer skin where you can enjoy local garden veggies, salads, melons and smoothies and anything cooling you crave?

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Creating Awareness by Marie Vega-Byrne

nb marie vega-byrne

Miriam-Webster defines meditation as “the act or process of spending time in quiet thought”. It also defines mindfulness as “the quality or state of being mindful or aware”. I wonder how many of us actually take the time to be in quiet thought, to be aware? Oh, and yes, what is being aware or awareness? Do we actually feel, experience or notice the sounds, sensations or emotions around and within us?

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