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Articles from: October 2015

Seasons of Hope Calendar

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According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. To help change those odds, the talented portrait and fine arts photographer Kathie Austin of Kathie Austin Photography and award-winning author Tom Mattingly, who uses the pseudonym Matthew S. Field, have produced the Seasons of Hope 2016 Calendar.

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Free Preventive Care for Cancer


Affordable insurance, time, language, fear, transportation—these are a few of the barriers in pursuing preventative health care. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here and although information is everywhere, many women and men are not receiving the screening necessary for preventative care. This often is because they feel that screenings are not within their means, explains Cancer Service Program Orange County (CSPOC) outreach coordinator JK Gentile-Trepicone.

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November Workshops at Sol Full Yoga

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Sol Full Yoga is pleased to announce two great workshops in November. On Friday, November 13, from 6-8 p.m., they are offering Sound Codes & Healing Meditation with Naomi Fay. This is a big time of change and we are vibrating higher and higher as we become more aware. Drop the resistance & choose a you that you have always longed for and allow the sound codes and resonance of the gold singing bowl help you raise your vibration to remember and connect to your highest potential. Come and bring your intentions, wishes and dreams and experience a higher vibratory pulsation of the soul. Move into the space of stillness through a guided sound meditation, chanting and healing. By donation only.

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Taking Care of Yourself A Guide for Counselors and Everyone by Jenna McKean

As with many careers, the counseling profession can be stressful. Counselors are presented with a diverse list of problems every day and must be there for clients through the good, bad and difficult times and also help their clients navigate stressful events and circumstances. Thus, it is extremely important for the counselor to maintain a healthy lifestyle to provide effective guidance.

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Are You Suffering from ‘Text Neck’? by Paul Lentini

Have you heard of Tennis Elbow? Chances are you probably have heard of it even if you have not suffered from this type of tendonitis. Text Neck™ is something that you may not have heard of either, but may be affecting you as it seems to have become an epidemic. It’s actually a term that has been trademarked by a chiropractor, Dr. Dean Fishman of Plantation, Florida. In my 20 plus years of being a chiropractor, this condition outweighs lower back pain, and I am gradually seeing more patients come into my office because of it. Text Neck has everything to do with the position of the head being tilted forward for extended periods of time.

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The Mysterious Crystal Skulls by Jennifer Wood and Travis Ogden

Experiencing the power of ancient crystal skulls can be healing to many. There are so many interesting stories that surround people's experiences with crystal skulls, from reports of healing, to folks having increased psychic awareness and visions, to those using them as tools of empowerment. People tend to seek out these mysterious sacred artifacts, made with an unknown technology from ancient civilizations, for a whole myriad of reasons. We only have been able to crudely duplicate some of the stone carving artistry with our modern techniques.

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Live Toxin Free

Essante Organics is looking for people who want to live toxin free and financially free. “If you believe in using clean, safe, health-full products join me in helping to save the planet and in preventing disease. After all, prevention is the best medicine,” says Essante Organics Independent Associate Maryann McQuillan.

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Behavioral Issue, Enzyme Deficiency or Food Allergy? by Lauren Murphy

Parents are always concerned when their children are experiencing behavioral struggles. Discovering when and why may shed light on the cause and how to change those behaviors and issues. Often times autistic, ADD, and ADHD characteristics are reactions to something that the child is ingesting. An elimination diet, such as The Feingold Diet, can remove certain foods that contain harmful and contributing ingredients to such behavioral characteristics.

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Hands-on Muscle Testing Workshop

nb hands on muscle testing 1

Did you ever wonder about muscle testing? How it works, why it works? Most holistic practitioners use it in one way or another. Now you can learn about it from an experienced energy practitioner, Dr. Bernard Straile, DC on Saturday, November 7, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Sweetpea’s Market Butternut Squash Soup

Keeping it fresh and local is easy here in the Hudson Valley. This fall, our local farms are harvesting a colorful abundance of delicious vegetables, making it simple to bring nutritious, flavorful meals to your table. With a few, tried and true recipes for your slow-cooker – you can set it and then come home to hot, delicious, healthy meals that everyone will love.

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