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Articles from: January 2015

Rockland Community Foundation’s Green Cemetery Fund

nb kerry green cemetery

Last April the Rockland Community Foundation added the Green Cemetery fund to its portfolio. The Green Cemetery Fund aims to establish a sustainable alternative to conventional cemeteries, offering ecologically sound burial options and a natural return to earth. Each burial supports restoration and preservation of pristine, underdeveloped open space.

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Art Opening at Piermont Library

nb terry straus goal post

Artist Terry Straus's opening reception at the Piermont Library is being held at 2 p.m. on February 1. The exhibit runs from February 1 to 27.

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Smart Weight Loss by Sterle Murray

Excess weight and inflammation can impact our body in many ways, such as affecting organ function and contributing to disease. Committing to losing weight is a great start to a healthier lifestyle. As stated in an article in Prevention, "Besides getting the body you want, losing weight can improve your health, career and wallet too." The often quoted phrase about your health being your greatest wealth is true. If you lose this valuable asset you will end up spending a lot emotionally and financially to get it back. There are safe simple and long lasting solutions available. However, finding the right solution for you sometimes can be challenging.

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Aerial Yoga by Brian Aherne and Laura Kallen

aerial yoga 1

Although yoga philosophy has existed for thousands of years in much the same form, the physical postural practice, called asana, continues to evolve and change. Even one of the most common forms of yoga now practiced in the United States, Vinyasa, can be traced to the beginning of the 20th Century.

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One Week Unlimited Kickboxing with Gloves for Just $20

nb cko

“If you're looking for a dynamic way to get in shape and gain a new skill, we invite you to experience the life changing effects of group kickboxing at CKO of Warwick. We currently are offering 1 week of unlimited kickboxing with gloves for only $20,” shares co-owner Bryan Caballero.

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Acupuncturist Now Offers Natural Anti-Aging Products

nb zeng natural healing photo


“Let us show you how a variety of natural healing remedies can help you relieve pain, heal physical issues, increase energy, promote calm, lose weight, quit smoking and achieve a better balance in your life without prescription medications,” says Liliy Hong Zhuang, owner of Zeng Natural Healing.

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Dental Wellness of Suffern Gives Kids a Smile

Dental Wellness of Suffern is pleased to be participating in the American Dental Association’s Give Kids a Smile program on February 6. The program began in 2003 as a way for dentists to join with others in the community to provide dental services to underserved children. Each year, approximately 400,000 children benefit from dentists and their team members providing screenings, treatments and education to children who may not otherwise have access to dental care. As Dr. Sheri Alpert explains, “I have noticed a need in our community for dental care for families without insurance or who might not otherwise have access to early dental health care. My staff and I feel it is important that everyone learns to take care of their teeth from an early age and start out right. That is why we are dedicating February 6 to dental visits for children who are underserved in our community.”

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New Students Welcome at Healing and Mystery School

nb sacred center eleanora

The Sacred Center Mystery School in Warwick is offering a two-day introductory course called Illuminating Your Greater Reality on February 7 and 8. This session is the first in a five-class sequence in which students learn the pioneering healing system, Chumpi Illumination, as well as muscle testing, advanced spiritual practices, and hands-on healing techniques.

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Gaining Insight into the Lives of our Children by Mariola Strahlberg

During our busy schedules we sometimes lose the ability to look deeper into situations with our children. We worry and push harder and we nudge and nag, often forgetting that our children are on their own paths and are moving at the right speed according to their abilities and inner guidance. Sometimes a “big iceberg” surfaces along their path – Johnny can’t read, Betty is misbehaving in class, Ben is not able to go to sleep at night. Yet, before we do anything, let us pause and take the time to pay attention to what is before us.

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Gluten-Free and Nutrition Counseling in Rockland

nb jenn lowenfish 2

Jenn Lowenfish, owner of It’s Personal Nutrition, is a certified holistic nutrition consultant and certified gluten practitioner in Rockland County. She believes that in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and body image, a personalized approach that looks beyond calories, carbs, proteins and fats should be taken. This can include customized nutrition design, body fat testing, determination of resting metabolic rates, discussions of relevant health topics, recipes with nutritional information, elimination diets and cleanses as well as in-home cooking sessions, kitchen and pantry make-overs.

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