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Articles from: December 2014

New Nutrients Program at Family Vision & Learning Center

nb familyVision

Family Vision & Learning Center is pleased to announce a new discount program for nutrients. When you buy a one month supply, you will receive 5% off, and if you buy a 2 month supply, you will save 10%. Center founder Dr. Michal Luchins explains, “personalized nutrient recommendations are based on a detailed history and labs to treat visual and systemic conditions including farsightedness, lazy eye, astigmatism, gastrointestinal and thyroid conditions and immune and neurological dysfunctions.”

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Awakening Healing through Therapeutic Listening A Lesson from Ancient Greece by Catherine Goshen

awakening healing listening photo 1 credit photo by Catherine Goshen

“We don’t know who we are until we hear ourselves speaking the story of our lives to someone we trust.”

This quote by Bill George of Harvard Business School in Daniel Goleman’s latest book, Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence, goes to the heart of all counseling—to offer a safe space for the client to share his or her unique story, skillfully guided by the practitioner toward self-awareness and awakening.

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Yoga Connects Us by Joan Miller

Every time I roll out my yoga mat in the studio, I'm amazed and delighted to see the wide variety of people who attend yoga classes—doctors, teachers, lawyers, homemakers, judges, artists, pilots, writers and more. What attracts so many people to the practice of yoga? I believe that we are moving towards a higher awareness of ourselves, of our deeper nature and of our connection to the world around us. Humanity is awakening, and yoga is helping.

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Zen Garland’s Living Process Counseling Services

Zen Garland is pleased to announce the opening of their counseling center staffed by experienced clinicians who are senior Zen practitioners at Zen Garland and can provide evidence-based clinical services with a spiritual perspective. Some insurance plans are accepted and fees are set on a sliding scale.

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New Name, More Services

crg nb Hudson Valley Integrated Medicine_logo

Twenty-three years ago, Dr. Naomi Pelzig, M.D., started one of the first medical practices in the area that integrated Western and Eastern medicine. Over the last few years she has been joined by Marcel Zeien, Lac., Mark Belnick, LAc, and most recently Dr. Joshua Lehman, DO, who specializes in physiatry and osteopathic manipulation. They also welcome Diane Weir, D.P.T. and Pocholo Lingad, D.P.T., both experienced, skilled doctors of physical therapy, to the practice.

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The Right Attitude for Change by Michele Finley

Ok, so the seasons are racing by and winter is just around the corner. But what about all those great ideas and resolutions that you made while relaxing on the beach this past summer that you have yet to get to? Where do you go to from here? Do you just try again for the new year? It’s all about attitude.

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New Yoga Studio Opens in Pine Island

nb lotus yoga loft logo

Jenese Martinez is pleased to announce the opening of Lotus Yoga Loft, a vibrant heartwarming sanctuary. “This sweet space was created to elevate, nourish, heal, and illuminate your mind, body & spirit.” she explains.

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Acupuncture to Manage Pain by Liliy Hong Zhuang

There is a growing movement today of people choosing to combine both Eastern and Western medical techniques to address their health issues. According to Dr. C. Enu of Riverside Medical Practice in New York, pain can come from many different sources. He recommends seeing a doctor when someone first experiences pain in order to rule out any severe or serious conditions, such as the possibility of pneumonia or an abscess or infection if one experiences chest pain.

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Unique Approach to Skin Care in Nyack

nb sacred skin pic 1

Sacred Skin Treatment Center in Nyack is a unique place for the nurturing and healing of skin. “Our approach is highly personal because all skin is unique, mirroring what is happening within each person,” says Ariana Breganti, founder and licensed esthetician. “Treatments are offered for the entire spectrum of skin care, from commonplace problems such as dry, aging or imbalanced skin, to chronic conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea to painful and severe sensitivities that occur, such as reactions to medications or allergies.”

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Local Healer and Teacher Releases New Guide to Transformation


Master healer, teacher and alchemist Eleanora Amendolara has woven the insights of universal mystery traditions with the needs of her clients and students to create a pioneering healing system called Chumpi Illumination. “As you travel the path to more conscious living, you’ll come to an important realization: it takes ancient wisdom to resolve the conflicts of 21st century life,” asserts Amendolara.

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