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Articles from: February 2014

Authentic Relationships with Body-Aligned Truth

nb diana buonocore

A major issue in relationships, observes Core Energetics practitioner Diana Buonocore, is that we disregard our own inner voices and choose not to express our truth: whether we want more from a relationship or want to leave it. This needn’t be ‘big’—the most important truths often can be subtle choices about self-expression.

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Meditation and Stress Relief by Nashid Fareed-Ma’at

A man went to the doctor and said, "When I turn my arm this way, it hurts. What can I do, doc, so that my arm doesn’t hurt?" The doctor replied, "I can give you some medication, but is it necessary for you to turn your arm that way?" The man shook his head no. The doctor stated frankly, "Then stop turning your arm that way."

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Shamanic Reiki for Healing and Empowerment

nb maryan hoelzer

Do you need to heal from mental, physical or spiritual issues? Are you ready to be more empowered in your life? Shamanic Reiki can help. Maryan Hoelzer explains, “shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality that exists today. Indigenous shamanism teaches that nature can balance and shift consciousness. By adding shamanic practices to Reiki, it deepens the experience and empowers you. You are engaged in the healing process and you can leave the session with tools for self-healing.”

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Helping You Become a Better You

nb jeff peaceful resolutions

For more than twenty years, Jeffrey Grunstein has been helping clients gain knowledge and insight and create a positive difference in their lives. He is a master certified life coach, a practitioner in health kinesiology (HK) and a professional mediator. As he explains, “As a life coach, I help people deal with life issues related to relationships, financial planning, career situations, time management and communication issues so that they can attain their life goals as well as cope with their current situation.” He specializes in helping individuals improve relationships such as parent/child, marital, dating, intra-office etc… He also works with at-risk teens.

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Meeting Your Needs by Sally Rudnick

O ne of the most powerful ways to decrease feelings of anxiety, depression or stress is to begin an internal examination of what is missing or lacking in one’s life. By doing this, people can begin to recognize the importance of getting their needs met in a healthy and responsible way and also identify where in their lives they need to make a change.

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Cultivating Spiritual Relationships by Liz Whalen

Too often, when we experience pain or discomfort on the physical level, we either look for something to relieve the pain or only look at the clues closest to the surface when trying to determine what’s wrong. What we often fail to realize is that we are multi-dimensional beings, existing on many levels at once, and that each of these levels affects the other – either adversely or positively. This is why it is important to determine the driving force behind the imbalances we face.

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Free Online Health Assessment

steve piriano photo

Emergency Medicine physician, Steve Piriano, MD, has a passion for wellness. “I know that so many of the disease presentations that I encounter in the emergency room are maladies that may have been prevented by healthier lifestyle choices,” he says.

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Which Micronutrients Do We Need Daily? by Natalia Lukina

The foods we eat provide our body with the raw materials for growth, development and function. There are two basic groups of nutrients that must be obtained through the diet: macronutrients and micronutrients.

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What We Can Learn from Relationship Therapists by Kenneth Meyer

Not every couple who has conflicts needs couple’s counseling— otherwise we all would be in couple’s therapy — perpetually! But much can be learned from the principles that couples’ therapists use when working with a couple to improve their relationship.

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Create a Sustainable Lifestyle with The Alchemy of Self

nb gabrielle brick

Gabrielle Brick, certified raw and superfood nutritionist, NLP Practitioner and life coach has over 15 years’ experience in helping people create sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

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