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Articles from: January 2014

Women’s Writing Project Seeks Stories

nb writing our path rebecca

Writing Our Path: Stories of Truth and Empowerment is a women’s writing project that helps women of all backgrounds to write and share their stories of strength, survival and hope. “Our mission is to empower women through writing their stories and to bring healing and courage to others through reading these stories,” says Rebecca Watkins, founder of Writing Our Path. “Do you have a story you’d like to tell? We invite writers and non-writes alike to join us.”

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New Director of Development Joins Orange County Land Trust

nb caption Meme Hanley, Director of Development for Orange County Land Trust

Meme Hanley of Gardiner has recently joined the staff of Orange County Land Trust as Director of Development. In her new position, Hanley will be responsible for all aspects of fundraising to support the operations and land protection programs at the nonprofit land trust.

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Mineral Magic: Zinc by Dr. Michal Luchins

David was eight years old. He often had mood swings and was a fussy eater with a very small appetite. Not long after he began taking a few drops daily of a mineral, he became more relaxed and happy. He also began to eat “anything I serve for supper” said his mother “and soon after, he tells me he is hungry and asks for more food”. His mother now wants to start giving some of this mineral to her daughter, so as to increase her appetite and decrease her fussiness.

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Inspired Community: Being Thankful for My Illness by Steven Piriano

steve piriano photo

My journey into health and wellness really began six years ago. Prior to that time, I exercised regularly and kept fit. I also avoided fried and greasy foods, and consumed what I thought was a healthy diet. Being an Emergency Medicine physician, I believed that I knew what it took to live a salubrious life. I had two young boys and had a fulfilling family life. My wife and I were happy together. I was busy with work. I felt well. Things were great.

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Dance for Health and Healing by Allison Pagano

You enter a beautiful room of hardwood floors and mirrors, carrying your troubles and ‘to do’ lists. Sometimes you are carrying an overwhelmed mind and a heavy heart. Somehow, something wonderful, ordinary and magical transpires during your time there. An hour later, you exit this same space feeling revived, refreshed, in balance and somehow more peaceful. You’ve just spent the last hour engaging the mind, body and spirit in one of the oldest forms of human culture, ritual and celebration—dance.

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How to get the Most Benefits from your Supplements by Natalia Lukina

More than half of Americans take vitamins and other dietary supplements. Many take more than one supplement daily. If you’re one of these people then you’ve likely wondered: What is the best time of day to take supplements? Can I take them at the same time? Are there interactions between any of my supplements?

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Best Loved Body-Mind-Spirit Expo Comes to the Big Apple

nb awaken fair nyc

The ever-popular Awaken Wellness Fair, the best loved body-mind-spirit-green expo in the tri-state, makes its New York City debut on Sunday, January 19. This landmark event happens at the Hotel Pennsylvania from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The media sponsor is Natural Awakenings magazines.

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Local Health Coach Spotlight: Randi Colton, founder of Fitchick Fitness

randi colton

“When was the last time you slowed down and took stock of your health goals?” asks Randi Colton, founder of Fitchick Fitness. Colton, a certified health coach, creates a supportive environment that enables her clients to achieve their health goals by using the 7 step coaching model in conjunction with the “Health and Wellness Wheel”. Afterwards, a customized plan is drafted for each client’s individual needs.

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Z-Barre Fitness Class

nb z-barre pauline on right

“Ready to get long lean muscles, lose weight and achieve poise and grace?” asks Z-Lifestyle Dance Fitness owner, Pauline Henriques. “Our Z-Barre class is like no other. It is designed so that everyone can do it and get results. Plus, like every other class at Z-Lifestyle, it’s fun!”

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A Healthy Mouth: A New Year’s Resolution to Smile about by Cyril Mansperger, DDS

It’s now 2014, and many of us already have implemented our New Year’s resolutions. Most have probably chosen one of the oldies but goodies such as saving more money, losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. If you’re still on the fence about a good resolution to choose, why not resolve to improve your dental health?

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