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Articles from: November 2013

Children’s Yoga Curriculum Now Available

The Children's School of Yoga has been approved by New York State (NYS) to market their curriculum in schools throughout the area. After nine years of teaching children in preschools/ childcare centers, afterschool programs, clubs and organizations, the school has received approval from NYS for the licensing of their curriculum. This will allow The Children's School of Yoga to have their program taught in schools throughout the country.

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Inspire Pilates and Fitness Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary

Inspire Pilates and Fitness is excited to announce the celebration of their two year anniversary. Owner Kim Woolley says, “We are thankful for all the support and kindness from all of our clients. We have been honored and proud to help people reach their fitness goals.” They offer Pilates group mat classes and private sessions and recently have added yoga, reformer and Pilates barre classes as well. As they add new offerings, they always continue to provide their clients with dedicated and caring instructors.

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Free Webinar for Visionary Introverts

nb rachel astarte piccione

Rachel Astarte Piccione, wellness practitioner, educator and author of Celebrating Solitude, will be offering a free webinar for visionary introverts at noon on Tuesday, December 3.

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How to Deal Effectively With Stress by Charles Glassman

While we tend to look to the past for reassurance, the past is history and gone forever. Dwelling in the past and harboring thoughts of “woulda, coulda, shoulda” can lead to depression. The fact remains: No one can say how life might have turned out under different circumstances. Assuming things would be better—and worrying about it—is just unproductive speculation.

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Healing Arts New York Announces Ceremony Creation Services

nb healing arts ny ceremony rachel 1

“Are you at a point of change in your life?” asks wellness practitioner, author and educator Rachel Astarte Piccione. “Honor this change through the power of ceremony.” According to Piccione, sacred ceremony is an ancient practice that creates a bridge between the divine and our ordinary lives. “By creating and partaking in sacred ceremony, we center ourselves while also connecting deeply with the wonder and majesty of the eternal,” she says. “It is a way to bring Spirit into those events we hold dearest to us.”

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Mindfulness and the Body

Researchers continue to build a case for the importance of engaging the body for stress-reduction and mindfulness. Two separate studies this year support what body- psychotherapies, like core energetics, bioenergetics and somatic experiencing, have long promoted—that certain body practices can be critical factors in mental health and happiness.

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Become a Yoga Teacher

6/2013 Lisa Levart /LUSH Photography

Birchwood Center is proud to announce their upcoming 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Program is being held January 10 through June 21, 2014.

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Season of Gratitude by Eileen Downes

What we think, we become. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. ~The Buddha

The season of autumn is received with great anticipation and appreciation for the colors it bestows on our environment, the hunger for the fresh harvest it produces and the consciousness of thankfulness. It’s almost as if autumn naturally instills mindfulness and gratitude within our souls.

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Free Natural Skin Care Consultation

nb skin care barbara gordon cohen

“We all want to age gracefully and look and feel good and there are many ways we can do this naturally and effectively. In our office we have many services that can help. We use acupuncture, organic skin products, organic microdermabrasion and natural dermal fillers,” explains Barbara Gordon-Cohen, doctor of osteopathy.

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Present-Centered Psychotherapy: Gateway To Personal Growth by Kenneth Meyer

While there is an increasing awareness that psychotherapy is not only for ‘problems’, it is not as commonly understood exactly how it facilitates personal growth. Just how do these methods—originally used to help with depression, anxiety and difficulties in relationships—translate into helping one become more fulfilled, spontaneous and creative?

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