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Articles from: October 2013

The Healing Benefits of Water by Jaye Levitsky

Water, apart from air, is the most plentiful, life-sustaining resource on Earth and one that has earned its place in the history of medicinal practices throughout the ages. The earliest civilizations of the world established their own methods to harness its healing value. Historical record reveals Hebrews, Persians, Egyptians and Hindus all enjoyed a unique relationship with water. They were the first to experiment with their version of flushes, cleanses, nasal washes, sitz baths, colonics and the like. Every civilization since has explored the incredible versatility of water.

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Evaluate Trees with Minimal Damage

nb ira wickes arborsonic

ArborSonic 3D Acoustic Tomography by Wickes/ arborists is obviously the invasive evaluation tool for your trees. It works based on sound velocity measurement between several sensors around the trunk. "Because sound velocity drops in decayed areas, internal holes and decay may be detected and the risk of the tree may be better assessed," says Wickes/arborists owner, John Wickes. "It is a great way to evaluate trees because it does little harm to the tree. Like everything in life, trees need to be taken care of to maintain their longevity."

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Gluten Free Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese by Donna Douglass

HLHP Mac n Cheese 1

Here’s a great recipe for glutenfree individuals as well as anyone who wants a delicious, nutritious meal. The butternut squash provides Vitamin C and the quinoa pasta is a great source of protein. It is great for diabetics because it does not raise the blood sugar levels like regular pasta.

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Best Loved Body-Mind-Spirit Expo Returns to New York

nb Awaken Shopping

The ever-popular Awaken Wellness Fair returns to Westchester on Sunday, November 3, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY. The area’s oldest and best-loved body-mind-spirit-green expo outside of New York City attracts thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors each year.

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Free Fall Harvest Play Day at Blue Rock School

nb At Play at Blue Rock

Blue Rock School invites four- and fiveyear- olds and their parents to a free children’s event being hosted by Blue Rock School from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, October 26.

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Massage and Your Immune System by Jen Servidio

Do you know someone who has an allergy? Maybe it’s hay fever, a reaction to peanuts or a bee sting? If you are like millions of Americans, allergies such as these are a part of everyday life. Any person that is sensitive to tree nuts makes a habit of reading labels and checking ingredients. What about someone with an autoimmune condition such as colitis, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis? What do allergies and autoimmune conditions have in common? An improper functioning of the immune system.

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Upcoming Solo Art Exhibit at The Barn

nb The Barn

Art at Elm Lake at The Barn is excited to showcase the work of Eugen Meier from Zurich, Switzerland. He will be present at the opening reception on October 19 and 20 Architect and painter Eugen Meier Mathevie lives and works both in Zurich and the South-West of France.

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Change Your Body with R.I.P.P.E.D. by Pauline Henriques

To get results from any fitness regimen, it must combine both exercise and nutrition. R.I.P.P.E.D.™ is a program that has everything a person needs to make a total body transformation.

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Experience Energy In Harmony

Beautiful Day!

“It is my passion to assist people in their healing by conveying the divine energy to them, whether it is individually or in their home or place of work,” shares Joan Snow, owner of Swept by Angels and a minister of the Universal Life Church. “It is about giving you a revitalized new beginning as you journey through life.”

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The Benefits of Pilates by Kim Woolley

Pilates is an exercise system that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s to help strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve overall health. This movement system was designed to deliver the ultimate full body workout in a gentle and effective manner. It transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. Pilates lengthens muscles as they are strengthened, yet without excess bulk. It helps improve tone, flexibility, coordination and balance and makes the body less prone to injury. Pilates also reduces stress, relieves tension and boosts energy through deep stretching. It increases joint motion, improves circulation and enhances mobility, agility and stamina.

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