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Articles from: July 2013

Indian Classical Music – Raga by Roop Verma

Indian classical music originated in the ancient Vedic times. The four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva) are the Indian sacred books of knowledge from antiquity. Although the knowledge was in written form, it was first transmitted orally to a select few to protect its purity. In earlier times, people chanted hymns of the Vedas in religious ceremonies, rites and rituals and sang about the glory of the gods. These practices were very instrumental in strengthening the religious feelings of the people and arousing their creativity through singing and dancing.

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Is Your Diet Making You Sick? by Isadora Guggenheim

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates

Your immune system lives in your gut and its main responsibility is to protect you from environmental toxins, chemical residues, bacteria, viruses, germs and foreign proteins. For individuals with food allergies, exposure to proteins in common foods can trigger chronic activation of the immune system causing immediate and delayed inflammatory responses. Systemic inflammation can manifest as joint pain, fatigue, migraines, heart palpitations, brain fog, infertility, breathing issues, obesity, behavioral issues, autism, constipation or diarrhea and skin eruptions. Inflammation also can cause and/or amplify chronic degenerative diseases.

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Addressing Your Diverse Needs with Yoga by Tim Shannon

Yoga is much more than attempting to bend oneself into a pretzel shape. Yoga is a way for any person to find a path to better health and a calm mind. Anyone can successfully develop their own yoga practice, regardless of any physical and/or mental challenges or limitations. By learning proper breathing techniques and practicing various yoga poses everyone can improve their overall condition.

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Grasshopper Grove: Gateway to Nature Play at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum

Hudson Highlands Nature Museum Earth Day event and opening of Grasshopper Grove

Countless studies show that playing outdoors and cutting television and computer time makes kids healthier and happier. That is why the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum recently celebrated the grand opening of “Grasshopper Grove”, the first nature play area in the Hudson Valley, at its 177-acre Outdoor Discovery Center. The Grove brings the wonders of the woods and fields up close and returns some of the lost wild magic to children.

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Cooling Down For Summer by Erica Trestyn

Our bodies are very smart. They are always trying to achieve optimum wellness and sustain balance. Have you ever noticed that your body craves cooling foods, like fruit and salad, during the warmer months of the year? This is because our bodies know what food it really wants. The more you tune into the messages and signals your body is sending you, the more you can cultivate a balanced state of awareness.

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Modern Day Prediabetes by Donna Douglass

These days, it’s not unusual to hear people say their doctor told them they are pre-diabetic. What’s interesting is that this illness is something that we rarely ever heard of even 10 years ago. So what exactly is prediabetes? According to the American Diabetes Association, prediabetes “is when a person’s blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not enough to be type 2 diabetes.” They also say that you have a greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes and other illnesses that are associated with it, like cardiovascular issues.

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Tick Alert in the Hudson Valley

nb wickes arborist logo

According to Wickes/arborists™ owner John Wickes, Lyme disease is a debilitating bacterial infection that may cause joint, heart and nervous system complications. “Deer ticks are small, but the problems they cause are anything but trivial,” says Wickes. “As part of our commitment to the community and continuing education, Wickes/arborists is a charter member of the Rockland County Vector Borne Diseases Advisory Committee. By getting involved, we help inform the public of the risks associated with deer ticks in the Hudson Valley.”

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Grand Opening Special at Facial Acupuncture Spa

nb facial acupuncture DJ--use this

The Facial Acupuncture Spa is hosting a “Grand Opening” special where customers can save 50 percent on any service. Areas of specialty include pain, facial acupuncture, micro-herbal peeling to help regenerate the skin, weight and cellulite removal with ultrasound lipolysis and electric acupuncture, customized herbal formulas and the herbal womb spa.

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Day Yoga Retreat in Sparkill

nb erica mather union arts day yoga retreat.png

Union Arts Center in Sparkill, New York, is offering a unique opportunity to take a day retreat, including yoga, organic vegetarian lunch and a hike in nearby Tallman Park, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 20.

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New Book on Coping with Emotional Eating

nb secret burden front cover jpg

“Do you carry the secret burden of emotional eating?” asks Michelle Bybel, local licensed clinical social worker and certified holistic health coach. “If you have ever used food as a method of coping, felt held back in your professional or personal life because of how you look and feel about yourself or measure your self-worth by the number on the scale then you are in the right place.”

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