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Crystals That Enhance Wellness and Restore Your Peace and Calm by Jennifer Wood


As the winter months draws near, we may find ourselves thinking of upcoming opportunities to gather with family and friends. Often times, while these occasions provide fun, laughter and love, they also may trigger some less comfortable energies in our emotional and mental bodies. The good news is there are many crystals, gems and minerals that may help heal and transmute our energy fields, chakra balance and our overall auras. The following stones may prove to be especially helpful for inviting in a better state of wellness, calm and peace throughout the season:

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Could Geopathic Stress Be Affecting You and Your Family? Dowse It Away by Jeanie Pasquale

Geopathic stress is energy that causes stress to the human body. Although many people may not be aware of geopathic stress, this energy that is coming up from the earth may be harmful to one’s health just like some people have food allergies. The Chinese knew about geopathic stress over 4,000 year ago and avoided building houses on land with geopathic stress. Before some homes are built in Germany, it is recommended the site be checked for geopathic stress. Fortunately there are ways to stop or ‘cure’ geopathic stress such as with dowsing.

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Celebrate Stillpond Massage Therapy’s 18th Anniversary with a Special Offer

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On December 1, Stillpond Massage Therapy will be celebrating its 18th year anniversary. Coowners Ron and Bethany Mutone share, “It is our pleasure and honor to have served our community for so many years, and we look forward to continuing in the years going forward.”

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How Psychodynamic Mediation Can Improve Communication and Connection by Steven Lee

In an article featured in the Journal of Marriage and Family in 1966, Gerald Manus wrote that couples counseling is “a technique in search of a theory”. He went on to say that marriage counseling was derived from a social need and developed into a collection of techniques and methods “based on assumptions that are implied but seldom tested.”

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Powerful Holistic Body Work Individual Sessions


Dina Kushnir offers a powerful and integrative Body- Mind therapy that embrace the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life of the person. “This bodywork is somatically grounded in the Feldenkrais Method and the Rosen Method and incorporates Buddhist psychology with deep spiritual principles. It attends to the whole person, past and present, as it uncovers the layers of conditioning and habitual holding in the physical body as in the mental emotional realms,” she explains. The release brings clarity and healing, increased energy and alignment of body and mind.

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Stay Healthy and Centered this Holiday Season


“It’s so easy to get out of our natural sleeping, exercising and eating routines during the holiday season. When we take time for self-care, we are more present, vibrant, peaceful, creative and happy,” says Laura Kallen, owner of Nyack Yoga in Nyack. With this in mind, Nyack Yoga is offering several special workshops this month to support you in your self-care and stress management.

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Joyful Holidays with Essential Oils

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The holidays are almost here and with it brings exciting activity and perhaps some stress. Ease the transition into the season with essential oils. “Our sense of smell can have great influence on our moods. For example, imagine cookies baking in the oven. Does it make you feel comforted, happy, hungry? Scents can move us and the addition of essential oils such as calming lavender, invigorating peppermint, soothing frankincense, and uplifting wild orange, can have a positive impact and help ease our moods,” shares DoTERRA executive wellness advocate Janet Lee. “Allow us to assist you in finding the essential oils that may bring the most peace and joy this holiday season and give the healing gift of nature to you and your loved ones.,” she invites.

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Nyack Farmers’ Market Moves Indoors for Winter

On December 1, the Nyack Farmers’ Market will move indoors to the Nyack Center at 58 Depew Avenue for their fifth indoor market season. This yearround market features many popular vendors including Orchards of Concklin, Pie Lady and Son, Taiim Shack Mobile, American Seafoods and Kiernan Farms.

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Community Spotlight: Making Sewing Accessible to Everyone

Sewing, as we all know, is creative, inspiring and fun but not everyone realizes it is something they can do and a way to create. Many young people do not know sewing your own clothes is possible. And an entire generation of adults do not know how to sew. So You… founder Vivian Burns believes everyone should know how to sew.

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By-Donation Community Yoga – Sharing the Benefits


Recently, Sunflower Art Studios in Gardiner added a 'by-donation' yoga class option to their community calendar. “While my mother fussed over why I am choosing to do something that 'makes no money,' I felt strongly that all the members of our community have access to the healing art of yoga,” shares founder Liz Glower Wilson.

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