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Yoga Profile: Bridget Rawls Peterson

bridget peterson

Bridget Rawls Peterson, E-RYT 500, began her yoga practice while obtaining her BA in dance education in North Carolina She was a technically trained dancer and the power poses really challenged her in a way her body had never been challenged before. The flow of the Vinyasa practice felt fluid and natural to her body.

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Newburgh Chiropractic Offers Bio-Tracker Testing

nb janette pena ws

Dr. Janette Pena of Newburgh Chiropractic is pleased to now add Bio-Tracker Testing, a bio-electromagnetic response technology to her chiropractic and wellness practice. This non-invasive testing procedure is perfect for all ages. According to, “the Bio- Tracker combines the fields of naturopathy, homeopathy, traditional medicine and acupuncture with today’s leading edge BioElectromagnetic Response computer technology. It is a system that facilitates clear communication between the body and the physician, enabling the bio-electromagnetic fields of the body to be accurately measured and assessed. The physical body has an impressive intrinsic ability to heal itself. When, however, the body does not complete the healing process on its own, we are able as a result of this technology to assist the physician in strengthening its inherent healing capacity.”

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Yoga Profile: Tenley Marshall Escoffery

tenley 1

Tenley Marshall Escoffery is a yoga teacher and artist dedicated to sharing how the practice of using our creativity and imagination through art, nature and yoga encourages intuition, discipline and endurance. She offers workshops and classes for adults and children that incorporate yoga, art and journaling techniques. These workshops link our creative and imaginative self with our mind, body and spirit.

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Celebrate the Orchards with Apple and Plum Desserts by Joseph Bases

Cookie dough is one of the first recipes beginning bakers learn as it is easy to make, has a great shelf life and is diverse in its applications. It can be rolled out and used for cut out cookies, folded over a filling to form a pocket or used to make pies and tarts. It can be held in the freezer for up to six months.

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Yoga Profile: Judy Levin

judy levin

I experienced my first yoga class with a fellow college friend but didn't follow up until many years and three kids later. I was looking for a way to disconnect from the everyday stress of my typical day and knew immediately that I found my solace.

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Yoga Profile: Lena Madsen

Lena Madsen

Lena Madsen offers a unique class experience in her studio, Body Sense and Soul. Classes are small and personal with a limited number of participants. This provides the students a much more intimate and safe learning environment in which their personal needs can be met to a much higher degree. She felt a strong pull towards this teaching scenario in 2005, after having taught large classes for many years.

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Yoga Children and Teen Teacher Training

nb judy levin TT class

Children and Teen Yoga Teacher Training with Judy Levin begins November 4 at Yoga Synthesis in Chestnut Ridge. The class will be held on the first weekend of each month for four months through March 5.

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Yoga Profile: Amy Hough

Amy Hough Shine

I took my first yoga class several years ago. I remember feeling great doing the poses but was very intimidated by savasana. Over the years, I began to connect with yoga on a deeper level and even began to appreciate the beauty of savasana.

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After School Yoga Classes for Kids and Teens

shine yoga logo

“The end of summer is upon us and before we know it, we will be back in the hustle and bustle of a new school year. Children may begin to feel anxious or stressed around this time of year. Friendships may have evolved or changed over the summer, and soon enough, homework, tests and extracurricular activities begin to consume us,” shares Amy Hough, owner of SHINE Yoga in New City.

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Art Therapy for Adults by Lorraine Murphy

When was the last time you picked up a pencil and doodled your cares away? Coloring books for relaxation attract many adults who need a distraction from the mundane or an escape from fast-paced, stressful days. Others may have more significant issues which interfere with their overall well-being and require further assistance. Art therapists work with people encountering anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship concerns, life transition, loss and more. The benefits of using creative modalities to work through issues is not limited by the challenges a person is facing or even their age. So many of the conflicts that people deal with in adulthood are tied to early life experiences.

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