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Chiropractic Profile: Dr. Brendt Mendelblatt


I first experienced chiropractic care while in college. My mother and uncle had been seeing chiropractors and suggested that I visit one because they thought it might be a good fit for me, both for my health as well as a possible career path.

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Welcoming a Rescue Dog into Your Life by Maria Huntoon

Our streets and shelters are filled with so many rescue dogs that need and deserve loving homes. If you’ve decided to open your home to a new addition and save a life, there are several things you can do to make this rescue story a successful one.

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The Care and Treatment of Energies

CRG Jeanie Pasquale

“Some energy coming to us can be harmful to our bodies and personal energy fields. Everyone knows that if you stay in the sun too long you get sunburn. Most everybody knows that skin cancer also comes with prolonged exposure to the sun. Not everybody knows that too much exposure to energy that comes from a fault line under their home can cause ill health and cancer,” explains author and dowser Tick Gadreau. 

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Chiropractic Profile: Dr. Randy Russo


I first learned about chiropractic care as a young boy when I tagged along with my Dad for his monthly ‘chiropractic tune up’ as he called it. It instilled in me a desire to help others enjoy a healthy quality of life.

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NEWLIFE Expo Returns to NYC October 21-23


NEWLIFE Expo, the largest holistic expo on the East Coast, will be back in NYC on October 21-23 at the Hotel Pennsylvania (33rd St. and 7th Ave). This year’s event will feature more than 100 exhibitors and speakers with expertise in subjects like alternative medicine, metaphysics, spirituality, network marketing and cutting-edge environmental products.

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Chiropractic Profile: Dr. Richard Huntoon

cnb Doc Rick

I was on track to go to medical school and study to become a cardiac surgeon when I suffered a debilitating back injury that left me unable to stand. I received care from an alternative practitioner who specialized in applied kinesiology and nutrition. Without any medication my back was healed. The experience inspired me to devote my career to helping people be healthy.

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Path of the Priestess, A NEW Group Forming in Nyack


The Path of the Priestess program is designed for women who long to wake up to their spiritual powers and wish to take life to the next level, while learning and honoring the deep wisdom of the sacred feminine.

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Make Self-care Your New Health Care


Make self-care your new health care is the motto at Mountain Float Spa in New Paltz. Escape from the constant stress of life's daily pressures and relieve sore muscles and achy bones with flotation therapy. More dense then the Dead Sea your body will be completely buoyant and gravity free as you float in over one thousand pounds of epsom salt filled water. Both lightproof and soundproof your mind is free of all external distractions. Heated to 93.5 degrees, the same temperature as your skin, you lose track of where the water begins and your body ends allowing your mind to forget you're floating in water at all. Soon after, your mind reaches its theta brain wave state, resulting in a profound state of deep relaxation.

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Chiropractic Profile: Dr. Paul Lentini


Dr. Paul Lentini has been practicing chiropractic care in Rockland for over 20 years. His first experience with chiropractic care was for a baseball injury to his lower back. The first adjustment he received was from his brother who also is a chiropractor due to this injury.

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Listening to Our Inner Self by Ronnie Figueroa

One of the most important things I’ve found in life is that we think too much, and we do not rely enough on the inner energies that always have been with us.

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